Custom Design Silver Jewelry Manufacturing

Custom Design Silver Jewelry Manufacturing

Express yourself with your custom style. This is where you can produce your imagination and custom design jewelry that belongs only to you and those you love.

Give them a surprise when they create unique jewelry with names, letters, numbers, dates, images, logos, and so on. Lock your memory and these valuable moments in jewelry made by custom, and make them the continuation of eternal love.
Custom-designed silver jewelry manufacturing includes all types of jewelry, from high-end pieces to everyday silver jewelry settings.

Each piece is meticulously made using state-of-the-art techniques that ensure premium quality. Our cautious eye for detail is the primary basis for creating sophisticated concepts with subtle but artistically pleasing elements. Our strength is to offer distinctive yet sophisticated jewelry.

A wax model is used in the jewelry-making process. The jewelry is created in wax, which is then cast in a plaster mold. When the plaster mold is heated, the wax melts, allowing the silver or other metal to be poured into the void. The plaster is then broken away, and the jewelry is created.

Manufacturing Process of Silver Jewelry

We manufacture custom design jewelry from any metal while employing Industry 4.0 techniques in our drawing to your specifications.

Elmas Is' professional designer who takes all of your requests and draws them in 3D sketches. These 3D sketches are nearly identical to the finished product. We mitigate all risks associated with any potential flaw in a cultural icon. Different dimensions of the drawn design will be e-mailed to you, and a revising process will be carried out to create the best version.

What we do:

  • Proficient in doing high-end fine gemstones according to your needs.
  • Multiple sampling options depending on different needs.
  • We are well experienced in avoiding most of your concerns.
  • Good to provide solutions and services that fit your corporate strategy.
  • Move fast to market trends and customer expectations.
  • Quick response, excellent communication, and efficient working process

Manufacturing steps:

  1. Design
  2. Rubber mold
  3. Wax tree
  4. Casting
  5. Grinding
  6. Metal setting
  7. Polishing
  8. Rhodium plating
  9. Quality control

All of your desired demands are manufactured entirely by hand on a platform by our professional experts and come with a lifetime warranty.

Our passion drives us to bring together traditions, cultures, and unique moments in one location. We are honored to have been a part of such significant events.

So, we carry out extensive quality controls over the different manufacturing processes to ensure excellence. The existing systems are advanced and can trace each part and raw material or batch or manufacturing process to detect problems early and improve quality control. By ensuring that every step fulfils our excellence standard, we create perfection.

Custom Design Silver Jewelry for Any Type of Your Needs

Suppose you are a new buyer who wants to designs or purchases new jewelry items. Understanding the custom design silver jewelry techniques is needed to create a ring, bracelet, pendant, and cufflinks.

Here you can create and buy custom design silver jewelry for any type of your needs;

Silver Rings

Create your own custom design ring? We offer a wide selection of designs, metals, stones, and personalization options that permit you to customize a ring as unique as your memories.


Silver Bracelets

Everyone likes to add beauty and custom-made bracelets to their hands that boost their personality and work well with your outfit. Our bracelet collection fits well with every outfit, especially because your jewelry is made. You can design your own bracelet using custom design silver jewelry tools.


Silver Pendants

Design a custom silver pendant for yourself. Your custom pendant design means so much more when it's designed and made just for you. Our designers will assist you in working out the specifics at each stage, clarifying your options, and designing a personalized counterpart.

Silver Cufflinks

Customized silver cufflinks are the ideal gift for individuals in the personal, business, or political sectors.

There are various options available. Choose from impressive custom cufflinks design and the calm and affordable brass. Wear with pride, and remember that cufflinks were designed for kings and are still a symbol of wealth.

Sterling Silver Bracelet Manufacturer

Sterling silver bracelets have become extremely valuable in many people's lives as humans show the versatility of silver and its uses. Silver has been used competently and creatively.

We sterling silver bracelet manufacturer manufactures sterling silver bracelets regularly. You will never see anything but a superb style and shine.

One of the primary reasons for our custom design silver jewelry's popularity is its versatility and affordability. We produce silver in a variety of jewelry forms, including rings, cufflinks, pendants, and bracelets.

Sterling Silver Ring Manufacturer

We have manufactured and supplied the best quality of 925 sterling silver ring from the beginning of our company.

As a silver ring manufacturer, we can guarantee the value of sterling silver rings we sell. Do not take fraudulent offers online unless you are sure about the quality. You can always get the best product if you buy the product sensibly. Make sure that reliable sellers quote the prices.

Sterling Silver Pendants Manufacturer

Find here the best Silver Pendants manufacturers with a list of quality items. We all love sterling silver pendant necklaces because they make us feel admired by everyone. When it comes to color and model, the person has a lot of options; however, only a few are flattering. Take a look at our online store and choose the perfect piece for you.

Suppose you want to start your own pendant jewelry business. It would help if you looked for the best manufacturer of silver pendants. If you are conducting business from another country, you must rely on the manufacturer to support and comprehend production quality. This is the place to find the best silver pendant manufacturer.

There are numerous business midways where you can estimate the silver jewelry on display. It's a great place to start if you want to build a good relationship with the silver pendant manufacturer.

So, make sure that the pendants they create range in quality from standard to delicate and luxurious. If you want to style your purchase, look at our 925 silver pendants price range, designs, and artistry.

Sterling Silver Cufflink Manufacturer

For the selective dressers who want to wear cufflinks made by famous designers, there are many choices available that you can consider.

Sterling silver cufflinks from our silver cufflinks manufacturer have never failed to make a more significant statement. cufflinks design is a familiar worldwide sign. They are made unique and stylish custom design silver jewelry products as well as rings, pendants, and cufflinks. This silver cufflink manufacturer brand has made a statement on its own that no other brand could copy.

Elmas Is Custom Design Jewelry Atelier

The Yuceer family began creating designs in 1947 to assist people in preserving and carrying their most memorable memories with them wherever they went. In this way, Elmas Is, a cultural icon, began to offer its design and production expertise to clients worldwide.

Explore Elmas's custom designs jewelry for your own personal preference;

  1. Custom made rings
  2. Custom made pendants
  3. custom made bracelets
  4. custom-made cufflinks and many more handcrafted designs are available.

Worldwide Shipping Option

Any purchase you make with will be free shipping to your desired location at any place on the globe. As a speciality, our shipments are quick, secure, completely protected, and free.

For our client’s protection values, our worldwide shipping policy ensures that:

  • All products shipped are set apart for their total worth and are guaranteed as needs are.
  • We use the best courier in the world - either FedEx or DHL. That is to ensure that your order will be shipped in a protected and quick way.
  • It is necessary that all ordered will be made to the existing home or business address.
  • O box addresses are not accepted.
  • All correspondences are signed for upon delivery.

Worldwide shipping

Our products are custom on-demand in the USA and Europe. We sent to customers worldwide with free shipping on all orders.

Quality wrapping

Each jewelry item is specifically designed and wrapped in a waterproof covered box with a magnetic closing.

Dealing time

Proceeding delivery, all of our items are going through a rigorous inspection to make sure assessment to ensure that they leave our location in good condition. If any minor defects or imperfections are discovered, we will replace the item and cast it from scratch. We pay special attention to our quality affirmation.

Depending on the item’s complexity, composition, and production time, all of our deliveries are shipped within 14 days.

Reach Us About Your Design

We encourage you to reach us through a design that you are proud of and discuss process design.

Our list of frequently asked questions and answers will help you get ready for your custom design silver jewelry.