Family Pendants

Family pendants symbolize your family, country, culture, and tradition. It’s a stylistic way to be proud of your heritage.

Family Pendant

Family pendants symbolize your family, country, culture, and tradition. It’s a stylistic way to be proud of your heritage.


The word pendant derives from the Latin word pendere, which is directly translated as “to hang down”. It is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry, attached by a small loop to the necklace. Pendants can be used with earrings as well depending on the wearer’s choice. You can combine a pendant with a necklace or an earring with style and add it to your outfit. It’s up to you to decide whether you look gorgeous or not. 


Pendants are one of the oldest pieces of jewelry in human history. We used stone, shell, pottery, silver, gold and many other perishable materials to manufacture one. Now we design and manufacture our family pendant collection with many options. You can have a family pendant gold plated, rhodium-plated, and sterling silver with various design ideas and options. 


A pendant has had many functions and still do. Like we said it is one of humanity’s oldest pieces of jewelry. Through time we used it to express many such as an award, a way of identifying ourselves through religious symbols, etc. Because we always cared about looking beautiful and charming, we used them as ornamentation and ostentation. Sometimes they were given the duty of protecting us with religious symbols engraved on them. Or sometimes we simply wore them for self-affirmation using our initials and names. 


Pendants have been in our wardrobes for centuries now. They carried lots of meanings to the wearer. They manifested a character, a story, and a family. A family necklace pendant has been the way for the wearer to identify themselves by their family. In old times it was necessary to show which house or dynasty you belong to make friends and to avoid foes. Nowadays it is worn solely of pride and honor.  


Family Necklace

We offer many options that are designed and manufactured world-class craftsmanship techniques. You can have a family necklace gold plated, rhodium-plated, and sterling silver. Back in the days, gold was identified as being rich. Nowadays it doesn’t have the old meaning but it has style. On the other hand, a sterling silver family necklace pendant is now seen as classy and chic.

With almost 40.000 years of history, pendants have always been the favorite of both men and women. They were worn daily and on special occasions. In modern days they still have a huge place in jewelry. We diligently make our jewelry to suit you perfectly. Our expert craftsmen combine comfort and style and manufacture various fine pieces of jewelry for you. Elmas İş has been making family necklace pendants more than 70 years.

One of the questions our customers ask is the difference between a necklace, a pendant, and a charm. Shortly, a necklace is a type of jewelry you wear around your neck. A charm is anything made of stone, gold, silver, or any other material you wish. Charm can be a family crest, a coat of arm, your favorite photo, or a simple triangle, anything you like. If you affix a charm to a necklace and hang it from the chain, it’s now called a pendant.

Another thing they wonder the most is how long a pendant necklace should be. That’s actually up to you. Which size is the most comfortable for you? Generally, we add four inches to your neck measurement for the length to be comfortable enough. For most women it is 18-inch.

Personalized Family Necklace

Both men and women have always searched for ways to look attractive and to identify themselves using different instruments. We have always tried to tell our own story. As technology developed and humans progressed, we found even more ways to do that. However ancient techniques still affect us. We still use pendants, necklaces, rings, and many other accessories inherited from our ancestors.

Now that we have so many options it’s harder to choose one. We are aware of the fact that not every pendant goes with every situation. As Elmas İş, we want you to have the perfect pendant of your own, and that’s why we offer various collections of jewelry from which you can choose according to your likes and dislikes. However, you still may not find your pendant, the one that shouts “I am yours!”.

You can design your personalized family necklace to honor your family heritage. All you have to do is go to our website, click Design Yourself, and upload a photo of your family crest or coat of arms. That way you can carry your ancestors’ lives with you. To find your own family crest or coat of arms, make quick research. Explore your family tree, find out what your ancestors did. You can take a journey to your heritage.

Family Jewelry

As a proud member of your family, show it off. We may not need to display our family names to be identified by friends and foes. However, if you feel honored to be born into the family you are, express your pride through a family crest pendant. Jewelry is more than a piece of accessory. They can be the root we have between us and our ancestors.

You can always start your own heritage by designing your own family crest. Then, let us engrave it on our custom family crest pendants that will pass through generations. We manufacture our products with the highest quality and we offer lifetime protection. That way your legacy can pass down.