Islamic Pendant

With the perfect Islam necklace, never forget the true way of a Muslim.

Islam Necklace

With the perfect Islam necklace, never forget the true way of a Muslim.

A necklace is more than simple jewelry for us and for many who wear them. For Muslim community, an Islam necklace is a representation of beliefs and values. They are the mirror that shows what truly lies in the believer’s heart. We carve the most sacred symbols in every Islam necklace we make. You can browse through our various collections and find the perfect one for you.

Our world-class craftsmen design and manufacture the highest quality Islamic necklace collections for your delight. You can be sure that from designing to die-cutting and finishing, our priority is your wishes. We combine time-honored techniques with modern day technology to manufacture the finest Islam necklace for you or your loved one.

Islamic Pendant

You can have an Islamic pendant with the writing of Allah, basmala, aleph or waw engraved on the highest quality sterling silver. We offer a variety of choices in our collection. The most sacred symbols and writings, such as hadiths and verses have an important place in our designs.

You may want something more special for you or your loved one, maybe a verse which is exclusively important for you or a hadith which you never forget. You can send your wishes to us using the Design Yourself option in our website. That way we make sure to build the perfect bespoke Islam pendant which you will never take off.

Islamic Necklace

We always say that accessories are more than simple stones and materials. Just like our Islamic necklace jewelries are surely a mirror through the wearer’s heart and mind. As a Muslim, your heart and mind is with the one and only creator Allah.

We make sure that every piece of jewelry in our Islamic necklace collection are deep portraits of our beliefs and values. You can have your handsomely crafted Islamic necklace options to choose from.

Islamic Jewelry

Islam is one of the four religions with its own holy book, Qur’an. Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammad (p.u.h.) lived to guide the whole humanity to the righteous way of Allah and conveyed his words, then became verses in Qur’an.

Throughout centuries Islam became one of the most powerful religions and thus Muslims became one of the most crowded religious communities in the world. So Islamic jewelry began to grow with the community as well. Many Muslims prefer spiritual and Islamic designs on their jewelry. We deliver the best and most popular designs for our customers to make sure that they feel their faith and community with them wherever they go.

Muslim Pendant

Isn’t it really hard to find the perfect gift for someone you love? We are offering many gorgeous gift ideas with our Muslim pendant collection for every believer. You or your loved one can enjoy a simple and elegant design or you may want something more glamorous than that. Whether it’s an everyday jewelry or something to wear on a special day, you can find the perfect design in our website.

Muslim Silver Pendant

When it comes to accessory choices men are not as lucky as women. There are fewer options for men, especially for Muslim men. Islam religions forbids men wearing gold. That’s why most Muslim men prefer sterling silver jewelries in their accessory choices.

Sterling silver is the most affordable and stylistic choice for Muslim men. They are affordable and could survive more than a life time if taken care of carefully. Here in Elmas İş we give a life-time guarantee for all of our products.

Muslim Religion Pendant

Muslims all around the world declare their faith and want to feel Allah with them all the time. One of the core ideas in Islam is to never forget that Allah is watching us all the time. A true Muslim must always act accordingly. With your Islam pendant you can always feel Allah with you and remember the verses and hadiths you choose to live your life by their words.

Muslim Jewelry

Although the likes differ from culture to culture, many Muslim prefer chic and simple designs in their jewelries. If you have a special occasion coming, a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday of a Muslim friend or a family member, make the perfect choice for them. Show them how much you respect and support their faith just as you respect and support them. Connect through your faith.

Allah Necklace Gold

The prophet Muhammad was from an ancient Arabic community so the first Muslims are ancient Arabs. That’s why the word Allah is from ancient Arabic origin. It means the one and only God, the creator of the universe and the one who can judge the whole humankind.

Allah Necklace Silver

Silver is the first choice of Muslim men who want a chic and charismatic choice in jewelry. With our handsomely crafted pendants you can feel the one and only creator with you all the time. You can combine your pendant with all of your outfits and feel like yourself all the time. Because we know you want to feel your faith with you all the time.

Allah Necklace Real Gold

Gold is one of the first and most popular metal choices in the jewelry making. It simply never gets old. Although Muslim men is not welcomed to wear gold, women has no limitations when it comes to material choices.

Most Muslim women love a real gold pendant with a chic design. Depending on the circumstance you can choose a more glamorous design to show your love and affection to her. 

Allah Necklace Pendant

We offer many choices in Islamic jewelry designs. Within them, Allah scripture is pretty much the most popular one. The easiest way to feel the creator with you is to directly carry his name close to your heart. Choose your favorite one browsing in our website then let us take care of the rest.

Our expert craftsmen will make sure that in every process from die-cutting to finishing we offer the finest piece of jewelry that best represent you as a Muslim.


What Is Islam?

Islam is the second biggest religion in the world with over 1.8 billion followers. It’s holy book Qur’an were sent to the prophet Muhammad (p.u.h.) to call every human to Islam. Believers of Islam are called Muslim and they believe in one and only creator of the universe, Allah.

What Does Allah Mean?

Allah is an ancient Arabic word which is thought to come from older Semitic languages. It means one and only creator of the universe, God.

Rules for Wearing Islam Necklace?

In Islam, there are a couple of rules regarding to wearing a jewelry. Men are not welcome to wear gold jewelry however women can wear jewelry made from any material. While women are freer when it comes to ­the material they should make sure that the jewelry is not for attracting others and stay hidden and covered. Also men should not wear bracelets or earrings because it is seen as they are imitating women.

It is also worth considering that your necklaces carry the word Allah engraved on them so they should be treated with respect. While in the bathroom you should hide it or any other jewelry with the name Allah on it or some prayers and verses.

Allah Necklace Meaning

Allah necklace can carry the meaning the wearer puts into it. It carries the name of the one and only creator of the universe, Allah. So it means that the wearer believes in Allah and devotes their life to follow the path Allah has showed them. As a Muslim that person tries to live their life according to the ideals and values written in the holy book, Qur’an.