Warranty, Return, Change & Delivery


Products purchased from Elmas Is are covered by a lifetime warranty.


Any customers who suffers a problem attributable to Elmas Is will have the right to return the product within 30 business days with free shipping. Products that are not returned within 30 business days will be deemed to have been approved, and no returns will be accepted. Any customers who proves that he/she ha s suffered a problem not attributable to Elmas Is will have the right to return the product within 15 days and with shipping on his/her own expense.

(The product must be sent with its invoice in order to be able to carry out the return procedures.)


In order to cancel your order or for product replacement, please call 0312 311 9093 until 5:30 PM on the day you have confirmed your order, or fill out and send the form in the Contact Us section with your order number.

- When will I receive the product I have ordered?

Your order will be processed as soon as your payment is transferred to our account. In case of any problem in the procurement phase of the product you have ordered, all information related to the product will be sent by our shop staff to your e-mail address registered in our system. Products you purchase are handed over to the shipment company to be delivered to you within 30 business days.

- How will I know that my product is shipped?

When the product you have ordered is handed to the shipment company, the shipment information related to your order will be automatically e-mailed to the address registered in our system.

This notification e-mail will enable you to find out when your product/products is/are handed over to the shipment company. Moreover, when you log into your account, you can see the same information via the My Orders link in the My Account section. The delivered product is defective or not correct.

- What should I do?

You must check the outer packaging for visually for damages before you accept the delivery from the shipment company, and have a ‘Damage Report’ prepared in case of any damage. Another point to be careful with respect to the damage report is the description written by the shipment staff in the damage report. For instance, a description like ‘There is damage on the parcel. The product is damaged.’ may be interpreted as if the product was not damaged during shipment, and would create problems during the replacement process. You should remind the shipment staff to use clear and accurate wording in the report for your damaged product.

(E.g.; The product is checked upon delivery, and found to have been damaged.)

In cases where you find out any damage after you have accepted the delivery, you must immediately inform the related branch of the shipment company and ask for assistance in the preparation of a damage report. If you cannot receive such assistance, please inform us. Following preparation of the damage report by the shipment staff and delivery of the product to us, the replacement procedures will promptly be completed and you will be informed.

IMPORTANT: You must send the damaged product with the shipment company you have received the delivery from.