Engagement Rings

When you hear the word "engagement," the first thing that comes to mind is a ring.

Unique & Custom Design Engagement Rings & Rings for Him and Her

When you hear the word "engagement," the first thing that comes to mind is a ring. Shop a variety of vintage, modern, and custom-designed engagement rings are available at our store. The engagement rings we offer are unique and one of a kind.

How We Design Our Custom Made Engagement Rings?

Everything you need to know about designing custom engagement rings, including expert advice from jewelry designers, is right here. custom-ring.net

Design your own ring

So you want to design a ring? Here you can design a ring based on your best idea.

Using our innovative technologies, you may make your dreams come true. Many people believe that designing their own custom engagement ring is difficult and costly, but this is not the case. It is a fair price.

CAD design

Surprise your special someone with unique, and one-of-a-kind custom cad-designed engagement rings by engraving your name.

All Process-Step-by-Step

  • Step 1: Choose your design.

Select a style that brings out who you are from our different collections. There are traditional designs, classy looks, sporty styles, and so much more.

  • Step 2: Choose your stone

Choose a stone that expresses your story and select a cut to determine its brilliance. Complete with ornamentation that puts your passions on display.

  • Step 3: Choose your side

Customize each side of your ring with a specific design that illustrates your interest. You can likewise add text stating your name and class year.

  • Step 4: Choose your favorite metal.

Select the metal that reflects your style from our great exclusive collections—everything from shimmery gold and silver to dark matte artisan styles.

Collaborate with us

You can further explore these things by design your own ring. Visit our online store and see the great selection.

Benefits of Custom Engagement Ring Design

One of the most significant benefits of having your custom-designed engagement ring is the creative freedom you will have.

No restrictions apply to the shape, size, metal, color, or precious stones you can use in your creations.

This project involves designing and building an engagement ring with some meaning while also reflecting your partner's style and personality.

Gold Engagement Ring types

Choosing a gold engagement ring that you will wear for the rest of your life. You can create your own custom-made engagement ring. Engagement and wedding rings come in a variety of shapes, styles, and levels of comfort.

1.   Fancy Wedding Rings

2.   Live together Motto Band Ring

3.   Unique Design 925 Sterling Silver wedding ring

4.   Diamond Stone Wedding Rings

5.   Unique Design Men Gemstone SIL

6.   Special Design 925 Sterling Silver Men Ring with Stone

7.   Color Gemstone Wedding Rings

8.   Plain band

Men Engagement

Men's engagement rings are a modern twist on traditional fairytales. And all of this has occurred because women began to take the time to propose to their lucky partners or simply because gender bias has been eliminated.

Sometimes a symbol and a promise show not just the world, but the two people who matter the most, where and with whom they truly belong.

These come in a variety of styles and materials. In the end, the ring you choose will most likely reveal the type of man you are, whether it has a pebbled texture, a braided appearance, or is made of different metals.

Custom Made Engagement Ring price

It depends. You're probably wondering what it is if you're on a tight budget. If you want to know how much your wedding or engagement ring will cost, make sure to contact us.

We'll divide it into four major categories to help you understand your priorities and tradeoffs between a perfect gold and the most money you're willing to spend;

  1. The center stone, accent stones, metal type, and complexity of the design.
  2. It depends on you whether you want to.
  3. The number and size of accent stones.
  4. Depth and complexity.

Reach us for more pricing information.

925 Sterling Silver Engagement Rings for Sale

Do you want to get a good deal on custom engagement rings? Custom-ring.net offers 925 sterling silver engagement rings for sale.

Create a budget. When you're just starting a new relationship, it's not uncommon for finances to be tight, making it difficult to wear a precious metal that symbolizes your love for one another without breaking the bank. So, take your pick from our best selection of 925 sterling silver engagement rings.

Custom Design Engagement Rings

For first-time buyers who wish to create a unique engagement ring. There are so many different methods to build engagement rings that there is a current trend to specify in custom design and design your own ring using that brand's style as a starting point for inspiration.

Colors of Engagement Rings

While a white diamond engagement ring is timeless, there are no hard and fast rules when choosing a center stone or setting. We recommend going for a gemstone engagement ring or a colorful metal setting.

The following are some reasons why gemstone engagement rings or colored metal settings are appealing: They are distinctive, less expensive than white diamonds, and each precious gemstone has its own personality and history.

Consider rubies, emeralds, and sapphires for a vintage-inspired heirloom engagement ring.

For dramatic color on a budget, tourmaline and alexandrite are great choices. Unusual engagement rings with bright gemstones will set you apart.


Can you ship worldwide?

Any purchase you make with Custome-ring.net will include free shipping to your desired location anywhere in the world.

Is it expensive to have a ring custom-made?

It depends on the metal and complexity of the design. There is no additional cost.

Is it less expensive to make your own engagement ring?

Whether a ring is custom-made or not does affect the pricing. But the time and materials required to create a unique design can be a little expensive.

Can you customize an engagement ring?

Yes, you can customize your engagement ring sets. On the other hand, you could get one-of-a-kind wedding rings genuinely by having custom pieces designed from our custom selection.

How much does a custom engagement ring cost?

Costs of custom engagement rings can be as high as $1,000. In reality, it's up to you. It cost can be less than $1,000 to make a ring.

Do you still wear your engagement ring after you get married?

Yes. After your wedding, you will keep wearing your engagement ring

Do you wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring?

Women generally wear their engagement and wedding rings on the same finger instead of removing them. Both bands usually are worn on the left third finger, often referred to as the ring finger. The wedding ring is worn first, closest to the heart, followed by the engagement ring when married.

When should you stop wearing your engagement ring?

Most women remove their engagement ring as it becomes clear that the relationship is over. However, some women choose to wear it until everything is finalized.

Who buys the man's engagement ring?

According to tradition, the bride or her family purchases the groom's engagement ring, while the groom or his family buys the bride's ring.

Who holds rings during the engagement?

Both engagement rings are held by the best man following tradition, before to It's fine to give the rings to your bridesmaid (or another)

Who puts the ring on first?

In general, the groom goes first, saying, "I present this band as a sign of my love," is repeated while he places the engagement ring on the bride's finger. Then it's time for the bride.