Masonic Rings

Masonic rings are bespoke and carefully designed only for those who are interested in these fashionable accessories.


Masonic rings are bespoke and carefully designed only for those who are interested in these fashionable accessories.

A masonic ring means many things for the wearer. They represent style, freedom, personal thought and they carry ideas in their design. It’s not an ordinary ring to be made, it needs special craftsmanship attention. There were many meanings to it throughout history. It was used by many communities to identify themselves. Still today, a mason ring is used as a signet ring by the members of Freemasons, people who believe in the same cause.

A mason ring always represents the wearer. We load our ideas, our beliefs into our accessories and manifest it to the world. Apart from the historical and social meaning, they are seen amongst the perfect complements to a perfect outfit.

Here in Elmas İs, we offer handsomely crafted rings for our growing number of customers. You can be a Past Master, Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, or a Master Mason. Either way, you can trust us to make the perfect ring for you with our world-class craftsmanship.



As we mentioned earlier Freemason community wears specially designed rings to identify one another in public. You can say it’s sort of their secret handshake but without even having to meet. They introduce themselves to society and each other using a Freemason ring.

So, who are Freemasons and what do they believe in? Freemasons are an invite-only organization. It is a member of a fraternity, basically a sorority for men, known as Freemasonry. It traces its origins back to the fourteenth century. Their mission is each man is responsible for improving himself while also being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity. According to Freemasonry, their values are comprised of high ethics, tolerance for different religions, cultures, ethnicities, and social/educational backgrounds.

A Freemason ring is a way to recognize a fellow brother. It is a symbol of loyalty and devotion to the brotherhood.


Elmas İş offers a variety of masonic rings for sale. We diligently design and manufacture each ring in our silver workshop.

These bespoke rings have grown quite popular over the last years. With their exquisite and ornate design, anyone who wears them stands out in the crowd. If you want to try different things or simply want to leave a mark wherever you go, it’s time to shop.

Get them to complete the “This is me” outfit. Believe us, an outfit without an accessory is just incomplete. Or maybe you can get it as a gift. You might have someone who would love to show who they are just by swinging their fingers. Think about it.



Blue Lodge Masonic Rings are designed in our specialized workshop which has been hard at work to manufacture exquisite Blue Lodge Masonic Rings since 1947. We have created a massive collection of all types of beautifully cut gems and stones to meet our customers’ ever-increasing demands for satisfaction. Our Blue Lodge Masonic Rings come with a dazzling blue stone that will catch everyone’s eye in the room.



Silver Masonic rings are specifically designed for people with great taste. Our stunning Silver Masonic Rings will make you the classiest person in every room you walk in to. We firmly believe that style should not be expensive. That’s exactly why we bring the shiny and bling rings of diamonds for a reasonable price.


 Elmas İş, your destination for all types of accessory!


We have all heard the theories about masonic beliefs. It is considered as the biggest fraternal organization around the globe. So, we believe it’s time to learn about what they truly believe.

Freemasons, or masons in general, believe in critical thinking. This is basically the starting point of their ideas. Like we mentioned earlier, they believe in personal responsibilities. They take scientific thought and rationalism for their guide. They have more than 5 million members all over the world mostly in England, Ireland, and Scotland. The biggest part of the brotherhood, approximately 2 million, lives in the United States.


No matter how fashionable and stylish they look, traditionally not everyone can wear a masonic ring. If you are a member, you should abide by the rules. For others, of course, there is no rule to wear a gorgeous sterling silver ring. 

So, if you are in the fraternity you can’t wear a ring until you reach the third grade. It is a family tradition for a mason never to wear a ring before reaching third grade. Also, traditionally only master masons wear rings. There is a way to wear the ring of course. It is improper to wear more than one ring no matter the grade.

The Masonic Ring Finger is the third finger of the right hand, usually opposite to the finger that holds your wedding ring. The correct way of wearing a masonic ring is with the prongs of the compass facing towards you.


Many people wonder the right way to wear a masonic ring. Of course, as we said earlier, there is no right or wrong to this. However, you might want to wear it properly. So, we have some suggestions.

People usually wear the ring with the prongs of the compass facing towards them. Traditionally married men wear one on the third finger, opposite hand where you wear your wedding ring. For bachelors, the hand doesn’t matter but we suggest you stick with the third finger. Again, until you find the best way that is the most comfortable and stylish for you.


Each of our Handmade Masonic Rings is designed and manufactured with great care and patience. Here, craftsmen use time-honored techniques and pass the art of craftsmanship to new generations.

Our Handmade Masonic rings are made from 10 or 14 yellow or white gold bars and 925 sterling silver alloys. Rise above the crowds and banality of common jewelry that is produced in factory production lines. Buy one of our Masonic Rings that is expertly crafted in the hand of a real master.

Your satisfaction is our first concern. That is why we offer lifetime maintenance and repair warranty for all products we manufacture.

With our great prices and even greater quality, you can absolutely be sure of one thing:

Elmas İş is the perfect choice for you…