Family Bracelets

Circle your love and memories around your wrist. Make them last forever, just like your family.

Family Bracelets

Most families prefer matching family bracelets for everyone. You can personalize them with the number of members in your family. If you are having trouble finding ideas we can help with that, too. You can choose a specific date that is important for everyone in the family, maybe the birthday of your mother or perhaps the birthdays of the children. You can go with the old technique and use the name of the gift taker in your design. We will later give ideas for symbols you can use in your bracelets.

Carrying the same symbol as a family will improve your relationship. Most families choose an important symbol, a date or a name to use in their accessories. Choosing the perfect symbol is hard for most families. Sometimes the boys or the father can refrain from wearing bracelets. You can have a unisex family bracelet for all in your family. Use the same design in unisex bracelets and strengthen your connection. You can have one for your mother, father, brothers and sisters.

Many people prefer using their family crest on bracelets. A family crest is the symbol of your family, which was used through generations. In the old days of empires it was used to affix official documents and was placed on a ring. Nowadays bracelets are the alternative of that for people who do not enjoy wearing rings. If you have your own family crest you can look it up or you can simple create your own crest to pass on generations.


Leather Family Bracelets

Throughout centuries leather was used in many ornaments and accessories. It was always a reliable source for us. From scriptures to dresses and accessories leather has always been one of the primary materials. It is a healthy option for those who want to avoid fake and cheap accessories who eventually burn their skin or wear out.

You can only create the best quality crafts using the best quality material. That’s why we are extremely careful while choosing the leathers to engrave on our leather family bracelets. We use real leather in our bracelets using time-honoring techniques. While we are at it there is the most important phase of our manufacturing process. We only work with the best of the best. Our expert craftsmen make sure that each and every one of the jewelries they manufacture are better than the previous one. 

Not every accessory goes with everything we know that. Leather is one of the best options when it comes to suite your daily outfits. You may have a big day ahead or it could be a stay-at-home-and-do-nothing day for you. You may want to feel energetic and go with the sports outfit. Or it could be an ordinary day for you and you choose the good old jeans and t-shirt. For all the options above and pretty much every other outfit, a leather accessory is the complement of your look.


Sterling Silver Family Bracelet

Since ancient times we have always searched for ways to identify ourselves through our style, ideas and beliefs. We collected precious metals and stones to use in our jewelries. Although we found many new materials along the way there is one that we could never give up. With its quality and elegance, silver has always been one of the first choices we have had.

Here in Elmas İş, we manufacture our products with 925 sterling silver. Depending on the preference of our customers we can also produce with 10K – 14K yellow or gold. Each and every one of our bracelets are designed with utmost care and hand-crafted by our expert craftsmen.

Throughout centuries both men and women have searched for different and new ways to look attractive to other people, to feel good and beautiful. From time to time these accessories carried the purpose of introducing who we are to the world. They told our stories to everyone we met.

As time passed we thought of new ways to identify ourselves. However, our love for silver has never lost its place. Sterling silver is a healthy and high-quality material we can use in all of our jewelries, from bracelets to cufflinks.


Personalized Family Bracelet

Wearing a family bracelet means your devotion is with your family. Most people prefer these accessories to feel their family is with them daily. You can get this idea and use it on your special days, let’s say Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or anniversaries.

Earlier we mentioned that people used to engrave their family crests on their jewelries to show which family they belong to. They used to sign their documentaries using these signets. Of course, nowadays we don’t sign our tax returns using a family crest. However, we can use them to show our love and devotion for our beloved family.

You can design your own bracelet using a symbol or a family crest to honor your family heritage. Choose your symbol, let us engrave it on your personalized family bracelet. We manufacture our products with the highest quality and we offer lifetime protection. We make sure that your heritage will last through generations.

If you don’t have a family crest you can design your personalized crest or symbol. You start your own heritage even if you don’t have a family crest to pass on to. All you have to do is go to our website, click Design Yourself, and then upload the symbol which you want our craftsmen to engrave on your bracelet. This can be the heritage you will leave to the ones after you.