Photo Leather Bracelet

Carry your loved ones and the memories you build with the perfect photo bracelet.

Photo Bracelet

Carry your loved ones and the memories you build with the perfect photo bracelet.

Bracelet lovers focus on many features before deciding whether they like the bracelet or not. A bracelet must be comfortable, functional and above all it must be chic and charming. We use highest quality leather in each bracelet we make to meet your standards. We make sure to wrap your wrist with the perfect leather bracelet for your health and comfort.

We engrave your photographs on 925 sterling silver. Our expert craftsmen use time-honored techniques to make sure that your memories are saved on the highest quality silver for your price. You can choose your favorite color from our collection. Then send us the memory you want engraved on your photo bracelet. We will manufacture the perfect leather bracelet with your memories on it in no time.

Photo Bracelets

The biggest gift you can give is your presence and the memories you build together. That’s why we prefer to manufacture jewelries to allow you to remember those beautiful memories. From designing to finishing a bracelet, we encourage ourselves to do our jobs best way possible. So you can make your mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, wife or husband smile and feel loved.

You can have a custom-tailored sterling silver bracelet die-cut and finished with your preferences. Upload your photo, choose the shape and the design of your bracelet and send it to us. We will get back to you in no time and make sure we know exactly what you want.

Send the perfect photo of your mom, dad, wife, husband, son, daughter, fiancée and leave us the rest.

Bracelet with Picture

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary or a birthday, it’s hard to choose the perfect gift. There are many options however we want the one gift they can never forget. We want something to remind us and how much we care about them. That’s why you should think carefully before choosing.

A bracelet is one of the most common accessories we use. For kings and queens bracelets were a symbol of power. For warriors they represented where their loyalty lied. Although bracelets are used by different purposes, they all improved the popularity of bracelets as a jewelry.

Photo Engraved Bracelet

Still today many people who send their loved ones far away give them bracelets as presents to never forget about them. Because we want to know that our loved ones will always remember us no matter how far they are.

Of course things are not so complicated. Sometimes we miss the person we love even if we don’t see them for five minutes. You may want to always feel them with you. Also you may want them to feel the same. With a bracelet with your photograph engraved on it, you will always be there with them.


Custom Photo Bracelet

Wearing a bracelet is one of the oldest traditions we have as humans. We found relics of bracelets used 7000 years ago in ancient Egypt, China and Mesopotamia. Even back then our love for shining object and jewelry were obvious. 

You can attach your very personal charm to our bracelets, your memories. That way you can always be there for them and always protect them.

Personalized Bracelets

What makes a jewelry perfect is the personal touch we add. Accessories without stories or feelings engraved on them are simply finished stones. That’s why we make sure that every one           of our jewelries have personal stories on them.

Most people prefer their own photographs engraved on them. Some wives and husbands want their baby to always be with them. You can also send us your cat’s, dog’s, bird’s or your other pets’ photos.

Customized Bracelets

You can have one of our custom tailored bracelets that stylishly capture your personal story.

We design and manufacture many different styles of jewelries for different purposes each year. And each year we make sure that every one of our customers feel satisfied with their product. We try to capture the soul of the wearer with our bespoke accessories.