Masonic Leather Bracelet

Every masonic leather bracelet we have, is carefully designed and manufactured for you with world-class craftsmanship.

Masonic Bracelet

A bracelet is the perfect choice for both casual style and fancy nights. Bracelets represent, as all accessories, your style, personal opinions and much more. When it comes to capturing your story we make sure to design and manufacture the perfect representation of you. Special-made bracelets are the personal stories round up around your wrist.

Masonic Bracelets

Masonic bracelets are personalized accessories designed by your preferences. Each design had many meaning to them throughout history and was used by many fraternal organizations.

Masonic bracelets symbolize loyalty you have for your Freemason brothers. You can buy one for yourself as a reminder of your ideals. On the other hand you can always them as a present for your loved ones. Your brothers will love it as much as you do.  Pass them on as your heritage through generations of freemasons.

Masonic Bracelet Gold

Most people prefer 925 sterling silver in their accessories. Here in Elmas İş, sterling silver is life-long guaranteed. However gold has been an attractive option for many years. If you prefer, your masonic bracelet can also be produced with 10K – 14K yellow or white gold. We produce each and every one of our bracelets with utmost care.

Freemason Bracelet

Freemason community use bespoke accessories to introduce themselves to the society and to each other. Wearing the symbols is their secret handshake. Anyone who believe the ideals of the freemason fraternal organization.

Bracelets have been a symbol for many things with the designs engraved on them. But a bracelet on its own represents an infinite cycle. With the masonic symbols, it represents you never ending loyalty for the brotherhood.

Mason Bracelet

Freemason society believe in that each man is responsible for improving himself. Meanwhile, they have a responsibility to their family, faith, country and fraternity. They have values comprised of ethics, tolerance for different religions, cultures, ethnicities, and social/educational backgrounds.

Within a wide range of masonic bracelets you can choose the one who suit you the best. We make sure that you find the exact piece you are looking for.

Masonic Leather Bracelet

Every one of our products are custom made representing your own ideals. You can choose one of our various collection of masonic bracelets. Or if you have another special design in your mind, you can send it to us. Our expert craftsmen will manufacture the perfect bracelet for you using time-honored techniques.