Leather Zodiac Bracelet

You can choose from our leather zodiac bracelet collection. Our expert craftsmen engrave your star signs on real leather.

You can choose from our leather zodiac bracelet collection. Our expert craftsmen engrave your star signs on real leather.

Leather Zodiac Bracelet

You can choose from our leather zodiac bracelet collection. Our expert craftsmen engrave your star signs on real leather.

Leather has been used in accessories for centuries. From warriors to kings, leather has been used by people of power from Egypt to Rome. Leather was mostly used by men in the history because it was usually designed in big motifs. However nowadays it is quite fashionable for both men and women. You can see a Capricorn bracelet in both shelves. 

With its high-quality leather has been one of the primary choices of many craftsmen. Thanks to its strength and endurance, leather lasts for a very long time if taken care of carefully. Combined with our high-quality sterling silver, you don’t have to search for alternatives. You can make sure that you get exactly what you payed for.

In history women usually wore silver or gold bracelet while men preferred leather. In the recent years with more modern ideas entered the sector, accessories became mostly unisex. A leather Gemini bracelet is considered chic and powerful for all genders. Men mostly prefer thick-cut designs while women go with the thin-cuts.

Here in Elmas İş, we offer the best quality leather for you. We carefully choose our leather to engrave your zodiac sign. We use real leather in every product we manufacture.

Bracelet with Zodiac Sign

Back in the old days zodiac signs were quite important for all people. They helped emperors, kings and queens make important decisions on war and governing situations. People who can read the stars, who can comment on horoscopes meant great deal to the public. So wearing the sign of your zodiac go back a long way. A Cancer in the old days first chose their sign to engrave on a leather bracelet and wore that Cancer zodiac bracelet proudly.

Nowadays, however, not so many people believe in zodiac signs. For many people they are mostly an entertainment instrument. But still zodiac signs are one of the most used symbols in jewelry making. You can see a Pisces bracelet or a Scorpio bracelet on somebody’s arm any minute in the streets.

Some people find leather uncomfortable during summer times saying that it makes them sweaty. However that’s something especially caused by fake leather. We use real leather in our products and make sure you are more than comfortable wearing your Libra bracelet.

Most people wonder if they can wear a bracelet and a watch together. Of course you can! Speaking of fashion, combining different accessories together is the new way so go for it. If you are an Aquarius, choose your zodiac’s color for us to use in your Aquarius bracelet. Or if you have bigger dreams than anyone let us craft your Leo zodiac bracelet.

Zodiac Bracelet

Bracelets have been used both by men and women. You can see a Taurus bracelet in everyone’s wrist regardless of the gender. People may have used different materials and gemstones depending on the year but no matter the design, the bracelet identified the wearer. Sometimes they attached items of decoration to the bracelets such as charms. Or maybe they used special stones for medical reasons or cultural/religious items.

As we said, there are many purposes and meaning of bracelets.  One of the most popular purpose however is giving them as a gift to our loved ones. They can represent the relationship you have with that person. It can symbolize something the other values deeply. For example, if they are a proud Aries, an Aries Bracelet would make the perfect gift for them.

Choosing the correct Scorpio bracelet can be challenging. But identifying yourself has never been this chic. You can use the traditional symbols of the horoscopes. Or you can choose more stylistic and modern versions of stars. Either way you can shout out your intelligence and taste with simply wearing our high-quality bracelets.

You can send us your favorite symbol and we will contact you in no time. Our world-class craftsmen will manufacture the exact Virgo bracelet you want. From die cut to finishing, we work with the best of the best. We give 100 % life-time guarantee for every one of our products.

Zodiac Constellation Bracelet

Bracelets have been one of the most popular accessories since ancient times. From kings and queens to farmers and maids, bracelets had different meanings to them. They sometimes expressed power of the wearer or where their loyalty lied. They have always been one of the fashionable item of the year. 

Another meaning of bracelets is that they represent an infinite cycle. Whatever the symbol represents will last in an infinite cycle on your wrist. It also means endless love, proud and all that you feel about that particular symbol. So if you have a Sagittarius friend, you can get them a Sagittarius bracelet to represent how much of a Sagittarius they are.

Our goal is to offer the most stylistic and highest-quality bracelet. That’s why we value time-honored techniques very much while also combining them with modern technology.