Military Rings

Like every patriot, we know that the military rings are more than jewelry. They are the embodiment of valor and heroism made for this country.

Military Rings

Like every patriot, we know that the military rings are more than jewelry. They are the embodiment of valor and heroism made for this country.

You are proud to be American and you love everything that comes with it. If you believe that you are a good citizen who has served your country, then you have every right to show it off. Show how much you love these lands. Tell people that you are proud of your flag and what it represents. Get an air force military ring or a navy ring to show how much you appreciate everything you or noble soldiers do for your country.

Every country is built by patriots who believe in the future they are going to write. Remember those patriots shouted out their love for the country they want to build. You live in that country and we know how much you love it. Become as proud as the founding fathers and love they left behind. You protect the ideals this country was made of. Let us carve those ideals on a sterling silver military ring.

US Army Ring

These bespoke rings are diligently designed and manufactured to embody their wearer’s service record, the love and devotion they have for their comrades and loved ones. They are expertly crafted to fit comfortably for men and women who fight and serve this country. While they are protecting what we have, we can make them happy by showing we thank them for their service.

A ring is more than an accessory. They have memories carved on them. They carry the soul and the character of their wearer. They are more than simple symbols but they are a representation of our beliefs, our ideas, and our emotions. Army rings, US Navy rings, Air Force rings… These are our way of expressing gratitude for this country’s soldiers. You can get one of them as a present for your soldier.

With our time-honored manufacturing techniques, we make sure that every man and woman feel the stylish and comfortable ring on their finger.

Here in Elmas İş, we guarantee the best quality for you and your loved ones.


We are forever grateful for the women and men serving our country. We want to make sure that we do our part. So, we want to help you choose the best gift for the soldier you want to thank. You can express your gratitude, honor, and love to them with a special gift. Get them something that spreads the message they spread their whole life. Choose a gift they can never let go of.

Our rings are manufactured with 925 sterling silver. We offer many options in stones and surface coating as well. You can choose your ring to be 10K-14K yellow or white gold. Whatever you choose you can trust that you will have the best of it. All of our products are hand-made and manufactured with the utmost care. Check our website and decide which one is the perfect choice for your soldier.

From marine corps rings to navy rings each and every one of our products are 100% guaranteed. They are designed and manufactured by the best craftsmen. Just like you take your duty seriously, our job is our life. We make sure each and every customer is fully satisfied. That’s why we offer lifetime maintenance and repair for every product you buy from us.


It’s really hard to choose a gift when it comes to men. Here, we give you an advantage. We offer the best quality, best design, and best manufacture. All you have to do is choose one of our various military rings for men.

You can select from our men’s military ring collection our experts handsomely crafted. If you want something even more special, you can upload your own design and send it to us. You can trust our craftsmen to make the ring which will perfectly represent its owner.

Each military ring has its own unique design and engraving. You can choose a ring that represents a particular branch of the military, like military rings navy branch or air-force branch. We offer rings with your names and dates engraved on sides. These custom-made rings can be given as a present to both active and retired personnel. A ring can carry a particular Navy campaign or a sailor’s life at sea beginning with the date of enlistment.


We want to honor the sacrifices and commitment of men and women in the army make each and every day. As they are proud to fight and protect the United States, we are proud to call them our customers. We are more than glad to create jewelry for them that are as strong as the country they protect.

You might be having difficulties choosing the perfect gift for him. We can make it easier for you. Not every soldier wears a ring but when they do, they want it to be unique. We work with love in every stage of our work from die-cutting to finishing the ring. We put all of this effort into our work to make sure you have what you want.


Whether it is graduating or passing out from the armed forces, you probably want to mark this special day with a gift or a token. They worked so hard and sacrificed more than their time to get here. You could get many things to honor this mission. However, nothing will be like a custom-made, handsomely crafted, gorgeous military ring.

Make it a meaningful and unforgettable gift. Use which emblem or signet you want, send it to us and we craft it for you. A US army ring or one of our various options would fit perfectly to the perfect soldier.

Through rings, we commemorate the years' of men and women in the US army spent in service. You gave your best defending our freedom, we want to give our best to make those years unforgettable.