Skull Rings

Used in many different meanings and with various purposes skull is one of the most popular symbols.

Skull Rings

Used in many different meanings and with various purposes skull is one of the most popular symbols. You can have your favorite design from our collection of unique skull rings.

Skull rings have been worn by many different groups and people throughout history. To understand their purpose and meaning first we have to understand what skull meant for us. We used skull as a metaphor for many important moments and incidents. In old times it meant death, life, equality. These are some opposite topics we know and we will get there.

Our priority is quality and your satisfaction so let’s talk about that first. Here in Elmasİş, we use time-honored techniques combined with modern technology. From designing to die-cutting and finishing your satisfaction is our top priority. In every part of the process we work with the best of the best. We believe in our work and that’s why all our products are lifetime guaranteed.

Recently skull design has become more popular. With movies and television, skull is used by both good and bad characters. It represented both good and evil. So, it attracted a lot of people and became a popular symbol in jewelry making. It carried its old meanings but also acquired new ones as well.

Mens Skull Rings

Most people think about bikers when it comes to skull rings. They are quite popular among them for sure. For some biker communities, a skull ring combined with the proper outfit meant getting acceptance to the club. People who joined the riders club had to wear a skull ring chosen by the group to be identified as a member.

One of the most wondered questions is how to wear a skull ring. Should it face inwards or outwards? On which finger should you wear your ring? These questions show themselves with every piece of jewelry. However this one doesn’t have a short and simple answer. The shortest is this: how you like it. On the other hand there are some things that may help you.

First of all ask yourself why you wear this ring. Is it a representation of you? It is some sort of an insignia of a bikers club? Does it have a meaning only you can understand? If it is a representation it should face outwards since you want people to see and understand your portrait. If it is an insignia again it should face outwards because people should be able to know who you are. If it has a custom meaning then you should be the one to see it. So it should face inwards.

Skull Ring Meaning

As we mentioned earlier with recent Hollywood movies and television series, it is now a more attractive symbol. Also, it turned into a symbol more than death.Originally skull was the symbol of death. This shouldn’t be a surprise. However it also meant life and carpe diem in some cases. Because it means death it also reminded people to live the moment and cherish life.

In Victorian times they solemnized lost loved ones. These gothic skull rings depicted wearer’s own morality. One of the most popular usage of it is shown in memento mori paintings meaning shortly “remember death”. So at the same time it meant both life and death. In the upcoming years it meant much more than that. Its popularity only grew.

Why do bikers use skull ring?

After WW II, many veterans came home with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). They knew and witnessed death in the battle. At the same time US army discarded thousands of Harley Davidson bikes. Because now the war was over they were no use to the army. Soldiers, also discarded from society, formed a bond with the bikes. For the veterans, skull was the perfect symbol. It meant both the death they witnessed and the life they were trying to live and cherish. 

Gold Skull Rings

Gold is one of humanity’s oldest and most popular metals. It has been used in jewelry making since the first pieces of jewelry. With its never-ending value, gold is a strong choice for both men and women. Gold is a quite durable option.

Compared to silver, gold is more scratch-resistant and it doesn’t tarnish. Apart from practical benefits it has many health benefits as well because it is a natural stone. It boosts immunity, regulates body temperature and so on.

Silver Skull Rings

Why should you get silver handmade skull rings? Here is the short answer: they are more affordable compared to gold and have high quality. Do you want to have a rather cheap jewelry you can use in every condition? Then silver is going to be your favorite. Also silver is the more preferred by men compared to women. You can search through out skull jewelry rings to find the one that suit you the best.

Skull Rings Sterling Silver

We use 925 sterling silver in our products. With our life-time guarantee you can be sure that your rings are in safe hands. If taken carefully sterling silver can last more than a life-time. So you can represent yourself freely and comfortably.