Masonic Pendants

We engrave your personal ideas and beliefs in these handsomely crafted masonic pendants.

Masonic Pendants

We engrave your personal ideas and beliefs in these handsomely crafted masonic pendants. Here in Elmas İş we make sure that you find exactly what you are looking for in our various collection of accessories.

Freemason community is one of the oldest fraternities in the history. Their belief in science and progress of human mind made them an attractive fraternity for many. Just like many communities they have their own symbols. We engrave these masonic symbols on our accessories as you wish. With world-class craftsmanship out experts make sure your pendant is the highest quality in the market. 

Masonic Pendant

Every member of the Freemason fraternity wears a jewelry so that they are identified in the public. The jewelry is some sort of a secret handshake between the brothers in the fraternity. They can recognize and be recognized by other members in the fraternity.

As a brother who is loyal to his fraternity you can buy one of our handsomely crafted pendants. We know that being identified as a freemason is something you are very proud of. We try to make sure that our pendants have all you need.


Masonic Necklace

Most people wonder what Freemason community believe in. They believe in science and improvement of the society. But mostly they believe that every man is responsible for his own improvement. Meanwhile he also has a responsibility to his family, country, faith and fraternity. Their values are comprised of ethics, tolerance for different religions, cultures, ethnicities, and social/educational backgrounds.

The difference between a necklace and a pendant sometimes confuses us. A necklace is what we wear around. If you attach a charm, a finished stone or anything you believe that would look good on your neck, to a necklace, it is called a pendant.


Mason Pendant

Freemason fraternity is known especially with their rings. Throughout history they used their symbols and engraved them on special made rings. As times passed some brothers stayed loyal to the tradition, especially those with the highest ranks. Nowadays most members choose more modern accessories for men such as pendants and bracelets.

Here in Elmas İs, we offer pendants designed and manufactured by our experienced craftsmen for our growing number of customers. You can be a Past Master, Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, or a Master Mason. Whatever your rank is you can trust us to engrave your loyalty into our high-quality pendants.


Masonic Pendants Gold

Pendant is one of the oldest and most used accessories humans manufacture. We have used many different perishable materials like gold, silver, pottery, shell. Throughout years we discovered new materials and stones to attach our jewelries and use as source material.

Gold and silver are one of the oldest metals used in the jewelry making. As much as we discovered new stones nothing could replace good old gold and silver. We manufacture our products using the highest quality gold and silver in the market while also considering the prices for you. You can choose one of our many pendants with masonic symbols and order now. Or you can upload your design and tell us exactly what you want from a pendant. We can manufacture one with gold plated, rhodium-plated, and sterling silver with your design engraved on them. 


14k Gold Masonic Pendant

Gold is one of the most used stones in jewelry making. We use it in every part of the pendant, from the chains to the charm of the pendant. You can choose a gold masonic pendant from our collection. Or if you already have a design in mind send it to us and we manufacture it with gold plate.