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Custom Design Pendants | Design Your Own Pendants

Design a custom pendant for your own. When it's designed and made for you, your custom pendant design means so much more. Our designers will help you work out the specifics, clarify your choices, and design a personalized counterpart at each step.

Design Your Own Pendants

Place around a lover's neck something beautiful. Design your own pendant to demonstrate your unique style or share your personal story with our professional artists. We will design and build the ideal pendant, regardless of whether you know exactly what you're looking for or just want to make a beautiful piece of joy.

Step by Step Pendants Design Process

Want to find a really unique thing? You can design your custom pendants by using our online jewelry design tool. It's simple to design it, and we design it for you carefully. Try an Oval pendant.

  • Step 1 - Select a pendant.

First of all, click on your selected Oval pendant. (You can click on the link above to discuss a range of custom jewelry pieces). We have a variety of custom designs. These custom pendants provide a wide range of pendants with a selection of silver metals and designs.

  • Phase 2 – Pick the type or symbol

The number of symbols you want to include in the pendants is then to be determined. Our shop, which typically refers to our customer needs, provides the best options. Today the birth star and pictures are really trendy because they symbolize history, present, and future.

  • Step 3 - Alignment choice

You must now choose to add a symbol, exceptionally if you choose to use a symbol pendant. In a horizontal or vertical arrangement, you can place your custom symbol pendant. Each stage offers a different look for a custom design pendant. So, they meaningfully symbolize something. We ensure that you get the desired pendant looks in an experienced way.

  • Step 4 – Pick the metal setting.

You have to specify here the settings of your custom pendants. You can pick your personalized item from a variety of settings. The number of spikes, shape, and metal type in which the pendant can be mounted can be selected. There are three traditional metal choices

  • silver sterling
  • Gold white & yellow
  • Platinum
  • Step 5- Pick your favorite stone

in the final stage, you can also pick a stone for the pendants.  The dimensions and the cut consistency of the stone are also to be determined.

Take your choice to enhance the value of your pendants, then final your favorite design. So you designed your own pendants.

You'll be surprised, too, how affordable it is. Therefore, go ahead and try; you will be happy about the results.

Custom Made Pendants Production

Have you thought special occasion custom-made pendant? Here are some reasons why a great choice could be made.

In many ornaments and identical pieces that give viewers a stunning look, our unique, custom-made Pendants production is available. The use of sterling silver in the pendant enhances the quality and increases the silver pendant's value.

Our personalized pendants are mostly crafted out of pure silver, although for all occasions, silver pendants have become more and more popular as names.

Personalize Your Thoughts

Our designers just produce a detailed 3d model for you, and we modify the details until you say that it looks exactly right.

Our custom pendants add value to your jewelry and make it more unique and valuable. When your wedding day is coming, you want to make sure you send everything to one another that you can think about once in a lifetime. They will tell you a lot about what you care about. Each of your hearts can be spoken about by custom design pendant. We should really do our best to make this an unforgettable day.

 Up to Your Imagination

These days, one of the modern trends is making custom design pendants. All would enjoy it since they are not only very trendy but also personalized.

Wear your beloved neck with something trendy. Design your own pendant to highlight your different style or tell a personal story to our professional designers. If you know exactly what you are looking for or simply have a lovely counterpart to make. We design and build for you the ideal pendant.

Custom Design Pendants Production

In the fashion industry, custom design pendants have become very common.

So, browsing designs and trendy designs are not enough, but you can design your own specific pendant according to your taste.

If you have chosen to get your own designed piece, you can go through custom once to get a full view of what you need to consider when buying custom pendants.

Before the final production, we are glad to make samples for you. Let our staff know that when you place your order.

Delivery Options

If the order has been filled, it will be delivered to your destination by the delivery system you chose when you put your order. The following are the latest in-stock shipment and shipping options;

We use the best courier in the world - either FedEx or DHL. That is to ensure that your order will be shipped in a protected and quick way.

Worldwide shipping option!

  1. Standard - Free delivery - shipment from our fulfillment center within 2-7 business days.
  2. Express - 2 working days + time to process.
  3. Overnight - orders will be delivered by our overnight services and hit our fulfillment center within 1 hour.
  4. PO Box - FREE for a limited time: 7-9 working days to deliver orders.

To ensure that our items are appropriately managed after being shipped, all of our items undergo stringent inspections. We replaced the object and cast it from scratch if any minor flaws or defects are found. Our quality assurance takes exceptional care of us.

All our shipments will be delivered within 14 days, depending on the products' complexity, composition, and processing period.