Islamic Bracelet

Most popular handsomely crafted Islamic bracelets are waiting for you in Custom Ring…

Islamic Bracelet

You can get the most popular handsomely crafted Islamic bracelets in Elmas İş…

Bracelets have been one of the most preferred jewelries in history. They have been used with different purposes engraved with different symbols and designs. You can find the perfect design you are looking for in our website. We use many Islamic symbols and designs in our bracelets to offer you a various collection of Islamic bracelet jewelry.

You can have a bracelet with many religious, Islamic symbols engraved on them to feel Allah and his angels with you all the time. As a Muslim, it’s important to always try to follow the path Allah has shown to you. During our busy daily life it’s easy to forget it. By wearing a bracelet with the writing Allah engraved on it, you can make sure that you never forget your creator is watching you and that you are never alone.

Islamic Gold Bracelet

Throughout history we have discovered many jewels and metals to use in our jewelries. No matter how various they are gold has always been the most popular metal in jewelry making. Gold is a more expensive choice than silver but still an affordable option for those who want a higher quality bracelet.

However as in many other religions there are limitations when it comes to jewelries. Qur’an says that women are allowed to wear any jewelry they want as long as they keep it hidden from those who are forbidden to them. Because by showing it to everyone the purpose of the jewelry becomes show-off and women become an object of attraction. As this is against the humble values of a Muslim, it is not welcome for women to show their jewelries to everyone, especially stranger men.

As for men, there are limitations for them too. Muslim men cannot wear every pieces of jewelry freely because some jewelry pieces are attributed to women. By wearing one, a man becomes is seen as imitating a woman. It is advised in Qur’an that both men and women should not try to look like each other and protect their differences as it is their most powerful sides.

Islam Leather Bracelet

Leather has been used in history by many people from different social classes for different purposes. From kings and queens to warriors and farmers, everyone used leather because it represented durability and strength. Still today leather is a great choice of material for those who want a long-lasting accessory.

Leather is a fine option for people who don’t want much glamorous jewelry but a comfortable and stylish one. Combined with the right metal and design a leather bracelet can go with everything. Also it taken care of carefully, leather can last longer than a life time. This could be the perfect choice for a gift to a friend or start a legacy that will last through generations.

Islam Golden Bracelets

Gold is one of the best choices in jewelry making. However we mentioned earlier that there are limitations when it comes to accessory in Islam. Women are welcomed to wear anything they want as long as it is not to attract others. As for men there are other limitations.

The prophet’s words, hadiths say that men should not wear any jewelry made of gold. Some Islam specialists say that it is the safest option for a Muslim man to use only silver in his accessories. There are other limitations as well. We mentioned that Islam thinks the differences between men and women are their strength and they should stay that way. A man should not try to imitate a woman and vice versa.

Hadiths on men wearing accessories are interpreted by specialist as such: If a man is seen as imitating a woman in the culture standards then they are not allowed to wear that accessory. According to the rules of Islam one should be careful while choosing an accessory.

Islamic Bracelet Jewelry

Our expert craftsmen offer many highest quality Islamic bracelet jewelry options for you and your loved ones. You can easily browse through our website and find the one that you connect the most. The biggest purpose of an Islamic jewelry is to feel the one and only creator Allah with you and remember the true ways of being a Muslim. Find the best design to your belief.

Islamic Jewelry

Everyday there are more and newer options in the Islamic jewelry making. With new designs people find exactly the piece that call out to them. Among the most popular choices there are the writing of Allah, basmala, aleph and waw designs. Many people prefer the most ancient symbols while some choose their own interpretations. If you can’t find the perfect design you want the most, you can send your own design to us.

Our expert craftsmen design and manufacture the highest quality religious bracelets using time-honored techniques. All of our products are life-time guaranteed. So you can use your accessories trusting that they are at best hands.

Islamic Gift

Choosing a gift for someone you love is pretty hard, right? We are well aware of that and we want to make it easier for you. We offer many options on Islamic jewelry of highest quality with life-time guarantee. We also want to help you choose between those perfect choices.

If you have a Muslim friend or a family member you can choose an Islamic accessory with the most meaningful symbol engraved on it. Find the deepest design which they can relate the most and show them how much you value their belief and values. You can connect more through faith. Everyone loves respect for their faith and ideals.

Allah Bracelet

Most Muslims prefer bracelets with writing of Allah engraved on them to never forget that they are not alone when they feel like it. You can choose one of our best designs to wear with you daily or to give it as a gift to someone you care deeply. Most parents buy these bracelets as a protection and a reminder to their children.


Rules for Wearing Islamic Bracelet

In Islam, there are a couple of rules regarding to wearing a jewelry. Men are not welcome to wear gold jewelry however women can wear jewelry made from any material. While women are freer when it comes to the material they should make sure that the jewelry is not for attracting others and stay hidden and covered. Also men should not wear bracelets or earrings which can make them look as they are imitating women.

It is also worth considering that your necklaces carry the word Allah engraved on them so they should be treated with respect. While in the bathroom you should hide it or any other jewelry with the name Allah on it or some prayers and verses.