Jewish Leather Bracelet

From the Star of David to Hebrew verses the most sacred symbols are engraved on high-quality sterling silver. Get your custom-made Jewish leather bracelet for the most affordable price.

Jewish Leather Bracelets

Are you looking for a constant reminder of your faith and beliefs? Do you want to express your way of living with your look? Believers all around the world wear religious jewelry to feel more connected to their religion. Get one of our highest quality sterling silver bracelets for you or your loved one. We use time-honored techniques combined with modern technology to design and manufacture the best bracelets for you. 

Here in Elmas İş, our expert craftsmen use their inherited skills to produce the personalized, handsomely crafted pieces of jewelry. We diligently engrave the most sacred symbols on your precious bracelets. You can go through our catalog and choose one of our bespoke bracelets. If you already have a favorite one in your mind send us your design. We work closely with our customers in every part of the process. Because we want to know exactly what you want. 

In Elmas İş all of our products are lifetime guaranteed. From designing to die-cutting and finishing, there is nothing more important to us than your happiness. We work with the best of the best to create the perfect bridge between you and your faith. 

Star of David Bracelets

Judaism has a lot of symbols in its history. However, the Star of David or Magen David is now the official symbol of the ancient religion. The Hebrew word means “the Shield of David”. In ancient times it was used by other religions as well because David is a figure that belongs to both Islam and Christianity. Then in the Middle Ages, the ancient symbol was mostly used among Jewish. 

Now the sacred symbol is in the flag of the State of Israel and considered to be the official symbol of Judaism. It represents both Judaism and modern Jewish identity. Lots of Jewish people prefer wearing a Magen David bracelet because of its protective purposes. The symbol connects the Jewish with their God, Yahweh, and their community. 

Jewish Bracelet

With 14 million members Judaism is one of the biggest and oldest religions in human history. It goes way back to ancient times and has many important symbols. Some of these symbols even have a place in world culture. Jewish people are really committed to their traditions so the symbols of their ancestors mean a lot to the Jewish community. They keep their symbols close where they can always see them.

The sacred place in Judaism is called synagogues and their spiritual leaders are the rabbis. As we mentioned earlier the general symbol they use is the Star of David. Nowadays most of the Jewish people live in the USA and Israel.   

Hebrew Leather Bracelet

The Jewish community grows more and more every day. As a part of this growing community, you may be searching for a bridge between you and your faith. You may want to give a present to your loved one. For every purpose, we can’t think of a better way than a simple but elegant piece of jewelry to always carry with you. 

The sacred text Torah contains the rules and the path God wants from Jewish people to follow. God first talked to Abraham who is now considered to be the founder of Judaism. Those who follow his path are chosen to build a greater nation. All of these stories have deep meanings in Jewish history. You can choose from these meaningful symbols to carry with you all the time.

Send us your favorite Hebrew saying and let us engrave it on sterling silver. With high-quality leather, you can pass down your faith to generations. We have gold and rhodium-plated charm options as well. With a finely polished Hebrew bracelet, you can show your faith chicer than ever.

Jewish Religious Jewelry

From Lion of Judah, Jerusalem to Hamsa bracelets we have a variety of choices in our catalog just for you. Go through our collection and let us know the one that connects you to your faith the most. You can choose the perfect symbol to leave as a legacy to your children and grandchildren. 

These handsomely crafted leather bracelets could be your anniversary gift, Mother’s Day present, or birthday surprise. Show your loved one that you know what they value and you value it as well.