Oval Engraved Family Crest Bracelet

  • KD217F01

Oval Engraved Family Crest Bracelet

Oval Engraved Family Crest Bracelet symbolize the glory and honor of our ancestors. We manufacture your family crest bracelet using high technology with diligence so that you can pass them on to next generation. Family crest bracelet are physical manifestations of Family, Country, Culture and Tradition. Be proud of your family crest, honor your ancestors and pass your great inheritance to next generations. Family coat of arms are fully customizable, meaning models you prefer can be engraved with any logo and symbol.

Family Arms collection models can be modified with shields and crest features.

You can upload your family logo or symbol but clicking the upload button above and order your product. When we receive your order, we will send you a sketch of your logo and ask for your confirmation. After you confirm your logo, we will immediately start manufacturing your product.

Face Size MM GR
Standart 19x17 mm ±5

Leather Color Pink, Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Green, Red, Ginger

Our products are produced with 925 sterling silver and can also be produced with 10K -14K yellow or gold if you wish. Each of our products is made carefully by hand.

We take the full satisfaction of our consumers seriously and with the love we feel for our craft, we produce the Oval Engraved Family Crest Bracelet and back it with our lifetime warranty service.

Established in 1947, Elmas İş has over 70 years of experience in the production of family crest bracelets. We thank you for being part of our experience and hope that we can be at your service now and in the future.