Sagittarius Earring

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Sagittarius Earring

Inspired by astrology, our Sagittarius horoscope pendant models make for unforgettable gifts for you and your loved ones!

We have a variety of pendant, bracelet, cufflink, earring and ring models that are designed for horoscopes of everyone! Choose your horoscope jewelry now and complete your day to day stunning look.

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Face Size MM GR
Standard 14x14 mm ±4

Our products are manufactured with 925 sterling silver and can also be produced with 10K -14K yellow or while gold if you so choose. Each one of our products are hand made with utmost care.

We take our consumers’ full satisfaction seriously and manufacture Sagittarius Earring with love for our craft and support it with our lifetime warranty service.

Founded in 1947, Elmas Is has over 70 years of experience in Sagittarius Earring manufacturing. We thank you for becoming a part of our experience and hope that we can be at your service now and in the future.