Buddhist Jewelry Collection

As Buddhism becomes a more influential faith throughout the Buddhist symbols are used more often in accessory making.

Buddhist Jewelry Collection

As Buddhism becomes a more influential faith throughout the Buddhist symbols are used more often in accessory making. We offer a wide range of Buddhist jewelry collection for our most faithful customers. You can have your own perfect jewelry from our various options.

With its about 500 million followers, Buddhism is one of the most influential faiths in the world. Everyday more and more people are beginning to acquire Buddha’s teachings. With adapting the search for true happiness and path to inner peace, Buddhist symbols are starting to appear everywhere. Believers are searching for every means to help them reach the self-acknowledgement Buddha taught. That’s why everyday more and more people are interested in Buddhist jewelry collection options.

You can get a piece from our newest Buddhist jewelry collection to use during your praying or to protect your house. You can give one to your friend or family to help them focus on their inner peace. With several charms, special stones and powerful colors to help you concentrate easily, walk down the road you chose for yourself.

Buddhist Jewelry

Buddhism is more than a religion for its followers. For many scholars it’s more like a faith and a way of life. As people’s interest grows, Buddhist jewelry collections grow as well. As a faith which traces back to as early as 4th or 6th BCE, Buddhism has many symbols. These are used in various accessories for different purposes suited for their wearers.

Bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants are all amongst the jewelries preferred by the believers on their daily lives and during the special occasions. They can be used for various purposes by their wearer. Many Gurus use mala beads to mark points during mantras and praying. Some use them for better concentration. All of these charms have a deep place in Buddhist culture. You should know the meaning of the charms, stones and colors to fully understand them.

Traditional Buddhist Jewelry

Buddhism is actually a faith of minimalism. It teaches its followers to be free from the materialist world as well as its attachments. Worldly possessions such as money is what believers stay away the most. So actually these belongings can be interpreted as violations to Buddha’s teachings. However the purchase of these pieces of jewelry is solely to concentrate more on your praying and your path.

Our expert craftsmen use time-honored techniques together with modern technology. We delicately design and manufacture each of our products. From die-cutting to finishing, we offer you the highes quality.

Buddhist Jewelry Collection Bracelets

As we mentioned before Buddhist accessories can be used for many purposes. They help you connect with the nature and heal your soul. By wearing different stones and charms, you give yourself to their healing abilities and solely concentrate on your self-acknowledgement. They also push away all of the negative energy and help you focus on positive thinking.

There are many different types of Buddhist bracelets, also known as mala beads. You can combine them with lotus symbol and have yourself a healing bracelet. You can prefer the eternal knot as your charm and really focus on your mind. By wearing the wheel of Dharma, you can find power in your speech and never forget the teachings of Buddha. Vajra is the symbol of compassion. With Vajra on your wrist you can make sure to apply the principle all your life.

Buddhist Jewelry Collection Bracelet

You can wear your Buddhist charm bracelets everywhere you go to always be in the state of inner peace. You can also hang them inside your house to protect it from unwanted energies. The peace in your house controls the peace in your life. Make sure that there is no place in your house for negative energies and evil spirits.

Buddhist Jewelry Collection Rings

Wearing a Buddhist ring is one of the ancient practices in Buddhism. Gurus and believers from different cultures wore rings on their ring fingers. Back in the old days, people believed that the ring finder was directly related to the heart. Buddha ring cleared this path from all dark energy. That’s why this practice was believed to heal the heart of the wearer and moved them closer to the state of inner peace.

Buddhist Jewelry Collection Ring

Traditionally men wore Buddha rings on their right hand while women wore on left. Rings with lotus leaf, wheel of dharma or the eternal knot engraved on them are still very popular today. A gold Buddha ring is considered to free the wearer from negative energy and destructive thoughts.