Jewish Pendants

For a custom made, beautifully designed Jewish pendant, look through our catalog. You can have the perfect pendant with the most sacred symbols engraved on it.

Jewish Pendant 

Pendants have been one of the most favorite pieces of jewelry since the beginning of humankind. We have used them as ornaments, healing stones, representations of identity, belief, and ideals. Nowadays they are more popular than ever. As we go into a more creative age our way of looking at jewelry changes. We have both traditional designs and both modern designs for your delight. Look through our catalog and find the perfect one for you or your loved one.

These pendants are worn by believers both as a daily accessory and as special day jewelry. Represent your faith and ideas everywhere you go. All over the world believers wear their sacred symbols close to their hearts to feel even closer to Yahweh. We offer the highest quality sterling silver pendants to our Jewish customers. 

Gold Hamsa Necklace

Hamsa symbol is one of the most sacred symbols in Judaism. The amulet symbolizes the hand of God. It is a protective sign and brings its wearer happiness, luck, health, and fortune. It has a place in all faiths but it is predominantly used by Muslims and Jews. 

Gold has been our favorite metal throughout history. Humans have found many new metals to use in jewelry but nothing could replace gold. It meant power and showed the fortune of the wearer. Even today it is a symbol of wealth. 

Jewish Star Necklace

Being thousands of years old, Judaism has many symbols and traditions in its history. One of them and the main symbol is the Star of David. The hexagram represents Judaism and modern Jewish identity. We engrave the Star of David, along with other important symbols on sterling silver pendants. 

From the Lion of Judah, Jerusalem to Hebrew religious verses and sayings we value the most sacred symbols. Choose the symbol that connects you to faith the most and let us know. Our expert craftsmen will make sure to produce the highest quality necklace for your delight. 

Jewish Pendant

With 14 million members, Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world. Some of the symbols in the ancient religions have been used in world culture. Even some non-Jewish people prefer wearing religious symbols as respect for their meaning. Although most Jewish live in the USA and Israel there are a lot of them living all around the world. 

Jewish pray in a sacred place called synagogues and they have their spiritual leaders, rabbis. Jewish people are very connected to their past and traditions. Torah, the sacred text, talks about the rules and the path they should follow. Torah says God talked to a Hebrew man, Abraham, about the way they wanted Hebrew people to live. Abraham became the founder of Judaism. 

Traditionally one can be Jewish if only the mother is Jewish too. As Judaism becomes a more popular religion they value their past even more. That’s why we can’t think a better way than engraving the sacred symbols and verses on high quality and durable sterling silver. Choose your symbol and let us inscribe it on our highest quality silver. You can pass them on generations and leave a true legacy. 

Hamsa Necklace

As we mentioned earlier the Hamsa symbol is considered to be one of the most important symbols in Judaism. It protects and brings luck and fortune to the owner. You can get your beautifully designed and handsomely crafted Hamsa necklace from us. Either choose a design from our website or send us your own favorite design. From designing to die-cutting and finishing our expert craftsmen use time-honored techniques to manufacture the highest quality piece of work for you. 

Star of David

Here in Elmas İş, we give a lifetime guarantee for all of our products. We want to make sure that we know exactly what you want. That’s why we work closely with you in every part of the process. Using the most sacred charms in our pendants require great care. We are aware of our responsibility.  

Star of David Meaning

Star of David is the symbol of Judaism and the modern Jewish identity. In Hebrew, it means Magen David and it means “Shield of David”. Historically it wasn’t solely used by the Jewish people. Although now the flag of the State of Israel, it served as a magical sign or as a decoration. In the Middle Ages, it was used mostly among Jews. 

Then, some Jewish communities began attaching magical powers to King David’s shield. They connected the symbol with their ultimate purpose of being the superior nation. After that, the star was universally accepted as the sign of the Jewish people.