Jewish Rings

Are you looking for a personalized, handsomely crafted gift for you or your loved one? Here we have just the right Jewish rings with the most sacred symbols engraved on them.

Jewish Rings

Jewish rings are believers’ favorite both as a daily accessory and as a piece of special day jewelry. All over the world, Jewish people wear their sacred symbols to always feel closer to Yahweh. We offer the highest quality sterling silver rings for the most affordable prices. Using time-honored techniques we make sure to design and manufacture the best crafts for your delight.

Here in Elmas İş, our expert craftsmen combine the inherited skills with modern technology. We carefully engrave the most sacred and spiritual symbols on high-quality sterling silver. You can select one of our diligently manufactured rings for yourself or your loved one. Send us the one that connects you to your beliefs. Then, let us make the perfect Jewish gold rings for you. 

We give a lifetime guarantee for all of our products. From designing to die-cutting and finishing your happiness is our top priority. We make sure to build the perfect bridge between you and your beliefs. That’s why in every part of the process we work closely with our customers. Because we believe the most important part of our work is to know exactly what you want. 

Jewish Jewelry

With 14 million members, Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world. With its long history, there are a lot of important symbols in Jewish books. Some of them even found a place in world culture. Most Jewish people are really fond of these symbols to connect with their faith even more. They keep their most sacred symbols where they can always see them. 

Jewish people pray in holy places called synagogues, their spiritual leaders are called rabbis. The symbol of Judaism is the Star of David. Most of the Jewish people live in the USA and Israel. Jewish people are very connected to their traditions. As a tradition one is Jewish if their mother is Jewish. Lots of Jewish people prefer giving their mothers a beautifully designed ring on Mother’s Day or on birthdays. 

The Jewish sacred text is called Torah and it talks about the rules and path the Jewish people should follow. According to the stories God first talked to a Hebrew man named Abraham who then became the founder of Judaism. Jewish people believe that Abraham and his followers are chosen to build a greater nation. Abraham’s son Isaac and his grandson Jacob then took the name Israel, are also important figures in Jewish history. 

As the Jewish community grows every day their purpose of remembering the past becomes more important. We can’t think of a better way to write down the past then Hebrew words. You can have your Hebrew ring with religious sayings engraved on them. 

Star of David Ring

As we mentioned earlier there are lots of symbols in Judaism. When you are a believer sometimes you just want to carry them all. To strengthen faith and focus more on prays, believers wear pieces of jewelry engraved with the most sacred designs. 

You can choose from our vast collection of rings. Just go through our catalog and find the perfect one that represents your religious thoughts the best. From the Lion of Judah, Jerusalem, and the Star of David to Hebrew religious texts, you can choose your favorite. Get one of these personalized rings that suit you the best. A custom-made Magen David ring will be your most precious accessory in every condition.

Get your favorite gold and sterling silver David Starring from us. Send your very personal design to us and let us carve it on the highest quality sterling silver. 

Jewish symbols are very popular around the world. Some symbols are mixed with popular culture and they are now used by many non-Jewish people. The most popular options are here for you on our website. Go through our catalog and choose your favorite. 

You may have a personal symbol that connects with you deeply. To get your very personalized handsomely crafted ring, send your design to us. Manufactured with world-class craftsmanship these bespoke rings will perfectly represent who you are and what you believe in.