Ottoman Rings

Get a good deal on an Ottoman ring. Explore a variety of Custom best Ottoman rings to find one that suitable for you.

Ottoman Rings

Get a good deal on an Ottoman ring. Explore a variety of Custom best Ottoman rings to find one that suitable for you.

Ottoman Rings

Ottoman rings have become one of the most popular men's accessories in recent years. Men, who have fewer jewelry options than women, wear these rings frequently in their daily and private lives. When it comes to rings, men who want to stand out have recently turned to Ottoman accessories, which they believe express their worldview or ideology. This has resulted in a significant increase in the creativity of the Ottoman ring's market.

The Ottoman Empire, the great empire where "the sun never sets," has left its imprint on the modern world.

The Ottoman Empire, which became the most powerful state in the world in the 16th century, maintained its continuity for many years due to both military victories and decisions made. This continuity also allowed the Ottoman Empire's traces to survive to the present day.

Ottoman Tughra Ring

Today, the Ottoman monogram ring is one of the most popular rings on men's fingers. If you're wondering why, here's an explanation:

Each of the 36 Ottoman sultans who ruled since the Ottoman state's establishment had his own seal. Tughra was the name given to this seal. This seal was accepted as the sultan's signature, which included his name and nickname. The ring models with the Ottoman monogram inspired by this signature are shown below.

In other languages, the word tughra has a different meaning. For example, engagement means "Mark" in Persian, and detention means "Leaving a Trace" in Arabic. Today, the tughra motif from the past lives on and is at the pinnacle of the Ottoman monogram ring collection.

The Ottoman tughra contains numerous symbols. Let's look at what these symbols are and what they mean.

  • Tugs: These are the extensions on the upper part of the tughra that extend upwards in the shape of the letter "Elif."
  • Sere (lectern): It's at the bottom of the tughra. It is the name given to the section in which the main meaning and details are found. The sultan's name, father's name, al-prayer, Muzaffer's, and titles are usually included in this section.
  • Zülfe: This is the name given to the streamer-like curves next to the bricks.
  • Beyzeler: This is the area on the tughra's left side made up of two intertwined curved sections.
  • Arms (Dagger): This is the name given to parallel extensions in the form of whites that follow. In the upper right corners of the sultans, there is also the adjective "Mahlas."

Ottoman Coat of Arms Ring

Ottoman crest ring designs began when the tughra, used during the Ottoman period, was replaced by the emblem. The Ottoman coat of arms was created in the nineteenth century. On April 17, 1882, Sultan Abdulhamid II enforced its final form. As a result, in addition to Ottoman monogram rings, Ottoman crested rings began to appear on store shelves.

Many symbols can be found on the Ottoman coat of arms. The coat of arms contains thirty symbols and many motifs. These are the motifs:

  • Tughra
  • Crow's
  • Anchor
  • Sword
  • Gun
  • The Caliphate's Sanjak
  • Ball
  • Sun motif
  • Bayonet rifle
  • Spear

Ottoman crested rings are available in both sterling silver and gold. These accessories, designed using Ottoman Empire symbols and with or without stones, come to life as a unique design based on the person who will use it and the preferred usage area.

Ottoman Ring for Men

Men who want to carry the power and spirit of the Ottoman, which is our roots, prefer Ottoman ring men's models.

Today, the ring is an essential accessory for gentlemen who pay close attention to men's fashion and want to make a statement in any environment they visit. The Ottoman ring men's collection, a symbol of power and dominance, is among the first rows of confident men who take care of their clothing.

Ottoman ring men's varieties, which come in various styles, are intended to appeal to you and your loved ones. At Elmas ş design workshop, we create Ottoman ring models unique to you by putting your preferences first.

Ottoman Tughra Ring Models

Ottoman monogram ring models are rings that bear the name or nickname of the Ottoman Empire's sultans. Calligraphy is embroidered on these tughras. The tughras are generally similar, but each sultan's tughra is distinct. These tughras have also served as inspiration for the creation of ring models bearing the Ottoman monogram.

These rings are sometimes embellished with stones, and other times they are plain, with only the tughra symbol. It appears as an Ottoman tughra and as an Ottoman coat of arms at times.

Ring models with Ottoman monograms have become even more remarkable in recent years, thanks to technological advancements, but things have also become more difficult. Choosing which beautiful and eye-catching rings you will choose may tire you out because there are so many beautiful models to choose from.

With these stylish rings, you can show off your sense of style. They are specially designed and manufactured for gentlemen. In addition to men's gold women's ring models with tughra, we are waiting for you on our page with their dazzling designs.

You can choose from our Ottoman monogram collection to be stylish and have the tughra symbol's charm.

What Does the Ottoman Tughra Ring Mean?

Tughra ring models are at the top of the list of designs that have remained popular from the past to the present and have a special significance for gentlemen. So, let's find out together the meaning of rings with monograms, which are always visible and draw attention with their flashy appearance.

As the name implies, the Ottoman tughra is a seal from the Ottoman period that was used by the sultans who ruled at the time.

In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire was one of the world's most powerful empires. Each of the sultans who reigned during this time had their own seal. Tughra was the name given to this seal. The seal bore the sultan's name, nickname, and the name of the sultan's father. This seal was used and accepted as the Sultan's signature.

36 Ottoman sultans ruled the Ottoman Empire, but only 35 sultan's tughra has been discovered.  The tughra was first used by Orhan Gazi because Osman Bey does not have a tughra.

In Arabic, Tughr means "tawki." When we look at the Persian meaning, we can see that it was used in the context of engagement. As you can see, the tughra meaning, which dates back to the Ottoman Empire, is also noteworthy. Today, the accessories designed and produced with this symbol that bears traces of the past are admired.

Why Ottoman Ring?

Everyone is aware of the value placed on precious stones by the sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire. Throughout history, there have been many sultans interested in the art of precious jewelry and sultans who created their own ring designs and wore their own rings.

Ottoman ring designs symbolized power. As a result, most sultans preferred these rings to protect their weight while also displaying their power. Today, many men regard Ottoman ring models as a symbol of power and wear them with pride.

Designers are now able to carefully produce successful and remarkable Ottoman accessories as a result of recent technological advancement. These rings are popular as gifts as well as for personal use. If you are looking for a gift for a man, a father, a spouse, a lover, or a son, it is best for you and your loved ones to choose from the Ottoman ring models. 

Among the Ottoman rings, monogram rings, Ottoman crested rings, Ottoman monogram rings, and silver Ottoman rings are among the most popular and preferred accessories for men. 

Today's gentlemen who compete in the elegance race are as picky about their outfit combinations as they are about their accessory designs. Furthermore, men who wear rings with the Ottoman signature want their designs to reflect their style to their surroundings.    

Ottoman rings for men have taken their place on the fingers as timeless accessories. Antique Ottoman rings have a special place in the hearts of gentlemen who like to be fashionable while also caring about making a difference. You can achieve a dazzling elegance with these unique designs that awe with their meanings and experiences.   

Ottoman Rings for Women

Ottoman rings have recently become a popular accessory among female users. Even though men come to mind when we think of Ottoman rings, most women's jewelry choices can include Ottoman ring models. With Ottoman rings, women's gold models can be fashionable while also being eye-catching.

What woman wouldn't want to wear an Ottoman-style Hürrem ring on special occasions as a gift from her lover or husband? That is why Ottoman ring women's models are specially designed and manufactured for you with Elmas ş quality and presented to your liking. 

Elmas ş expert team creates Ottoman rings for women with care and patience. You can be dazzling in your daily or private life by wearing one of these stylish rings, and you can draw attention to the environments you enter.

Ottoman silver accessories are fashionable designs that never go out of style. With these silver rings, you can complete your ensembles and achieve a striking elegance admired by men and women of all ages.

What are the 925 Sterling Silver Ottoman Ring Prices?

We take our work seriously at Elmas ş design workshop and strive to create something unique and beautiful. Our expert staff has been designing rings for you and presenting them to your liking since 1947. As a result, we offer a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee on the accessories you purchase.

And now turn our attention to the Ottoman Rings 925 sterling silver. Prices for Silver Ottoman Rings vary according to the design, gram, and craftsmanship. Ring prices are determined by the stones used and the personalized designs.

The price of these rings is primarily determined by the metal used—for example, gold-designed charges higher prices than silver-designed.

Furthermore, while the weight of the metal used determines the price difference, it can also affect the prices of precious and semi-precious stones that are preferred during the design phase. Styled ring models made with precious stones, for example, are more expensive than models made with semi-precious stones.  

When we looked at the handmade designs specially prepared for the person and made by master hands, these accessory models are also delivered to their owners at higher prices than the ready-made standard models.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Ring

If you want to add elegance and dazzle to your elegance, choose from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet ring models created with great effort and care by our expert team and catch the elegance.

Men's Sterling Silver Ring with Turkish Flag

Men's accessories are extremely important. Unfortunately, gentlemen, who do not have as many accessory options as women, prefer to complete their outfits by selecting from a limited number of essential accessory models.

Furthermore, you can keep up with the times by selecting models that fit your style and reflect you from our Turkish flag men's silver rings, which have always been popular and well-liked from the past to the present.

Men's Sterling Silver Ring Wedding Ring

Choose from the dazzling silver wedding ring models that we have specially prepared for today's gentlemen to accompany them in the marriage process to make your name mentioned with your elegance on your most beautiful day. Wedding rings with classic, sports, and modern lines are waiting for you on our page.

Furthermore, you can crown your suit with an elegant wedding ring at your ceremony, which is the first step in the marriage process with our men's silver promise ring designs.

Men's rings made of pure silver are always among the most important accessories for men. Furthermore, silver fantastic men's rings for men seeking change and attention draw a lot of attention to our models. You can choose these fashionable ring designs to stand out and show off your style.

Vav Rings and Their Meanings

Let's discover the deep meaning of Vav rings, which their followers admire.

Vav is commonly used with the letter Elif in designs. So, first, let us introduce you to the letter Elif.

Elif is the Quran's first letter. That is, the Quran begins with Elif. This letter is always upright. Even though it is written as a number, this letter has not changed.

When it comes to the letter Vav, the letter Elif gets as much attention as its meaning. This letter is fascinating from an aesthetic and artistic perspective. Vav represents the "Universe" while Elif represents the "Key of the Universe".

The Vav letter prayer rings have deep meanings for you and your loved ones.

Sultan Rings and Their Meanings

Sultan rings are a popular fashion accessory. It is sometimes decorated with only tughra, symbols, or motifs, and it is sometimes worn on the fingers as designs with and without stones.

Each sultan's ring has a unique meaning and significance. Some ring models represent power and dominance, while others emphasize the empire's enduring nature. With these designs, you can always carry and enjoy the power of the Ottoman.

Among these rings, Suleiman the Magnificent rings attract attention due to their beauty and rarity. Pen-work ring models, in particular, take their place as valuable pieces on the shelves.

With the privilege of the Elmas ş silver design workshop, you can have the most stylish and high-quality Ottoman gold ring designs and buy them at affordable prices.

Seljuk Ring Models

On this page, you will find silver Seljuk ring models with eye-catching designs. You can also express your style while keeping up with fashion by wearing ring models, which are the most beautiful compliment to your outfits in your personal or professional life.

If you prefer, we can create silver rings with modern lines, made with a thousand and one effort and care by master hands in yellow or white gold.

You can select from these unique rings to make your loved ones happy on their special occasions and to put a lovely smile on their faces.

Iranian Rings

With stylish and high-quality Iranian ring models, you can clearly show your sense of style. You can make a statement with these silver rings, which are adorned with precious and semi-precious stones.

Ring models made of 925 sterling silver are presented to you in more striking designs, with the symbols and motifs chosen during the design phase, as well as their beauty.