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Custom Jewelry Manufacturing | Elmas IS

Customize your look. This is where you can let your imagination and create jewelry that is unique to you and those you care about. Surprise them by creating custom-made unique jewelry with their names, letters, numbers, dates, images, logos, and so on. Lock your memories and these priceless moments in custom jewelry, and make them the continuation of eternal love.

What is Custom jewelry manufacturing?

Custom jewelry manufacturing involves mass-producing your original jewelry design so that you can sell multiple copies of it to different customers.

Many jewelry designers take this route when they are ready to begin wholesale distribution of their work, knowing that they will be unable to produce enough copies of their designs on their own.

The reason to choose Elmas IS for your Custom Jewelry Manufacturing

Each owner of the jewelry store wants to win and grow its business. Unfortunately, the growth may be challenging since the jewelry industry is so limited and competitive.

By making trust with Elmas IS, a custom jewelry manufacturing company, you can get the competitive advantage you need to succeed in such a highly competitive market.

Elmas IS allows you to expand your business by adding your jewelry inventory for sale. You will be able to offer customers a unique product that is not available anywhere else rather than offering them the same jewelry collection found in any other store.

Jewelry made to order can be a very meaningful gift. Simply working with a skilled jeweler can create a great ring, necklace, or bracelet that genuinely reflects the individual's taste.

There are the most compelling reasons to invest in Elmas IS custom-made jewelry:

  • Trustworthy

Elmas IS a reliable company of custom jewelry manufacturing because we are capable of giving our customers access to the latest products and services.

Customers who decide to work with us know that they receive excellent professional services to help them achieve their ultimate goal of increasing their sales.

  • Created from scratch

Another significant advantage of custom-made jewelry is that each piece is unique. This type of jewelry is created entirely from scratch to produce something unique and stand out from more traditional designs.

As a result, we collaborate carefully with your jewelry store to create custom-made jewelry. This jewelry can take the form of a unique jewelry line that you created and distribute through your stores, or it may take the form of giving your customers exclusive services to design and create their own pieces.

When you do this, you distinguish your jeweler store from the competition by offering pieces of jewelry that are not available at your competitors' stores.

 Custom Made Jewelry Design

Custom-made jewelry enables you to create your own jewelry in the style and color of your choice. You can design your own necklace, bracelet, pendants, or engagement ring. Many custom jewelry pieces are made to symbolize a special occasion or to honor a loved one.

From push presents to divorce rings to redesigning family heirlooms. Designers, engineers, and gemologists rolled into one, and our custom jewelers are dedicated to bringing your vision to life through jewelry.

 Design Privacy

We appreciate the privacy of your jewelry design. Our design privacy is a system design approach that aims to protect the privacy of an individual's design by incorporating privacy considerations from the start of custom-made product design, customized practices, and the entire design process.

Our Types of Jewelry Manufacturing On Demand

On-demand, we will build and design custom-made jewelry items that meet your specifications using cutting-edge technology to bring your vision to life. Many people believe that designing their own jewelry pieces is expensive and time-consuming, but this is not the case.

Custom Jewelry manufacturing is essential when there is a high demand for your jewelry pieces. And if you enjoy creating one-of-a-kind jewelry designs rather than traditional ones, you've come to the right place. We produced various types of jewelry in response to customer demand.


So you want to design your own ring? Here you can create and design one of your best idea into a custom design ring.

It is using our advanced technology that brings your imagination into reality. Many people think that designing their own custom design ring is a lot of hard work and it's more expensive, but it does not happen here. It is a straightforward and reasonable price.


Custom bracelets can be an entertaining and trendy item to add to your jewelry collection. However, it can also be an expressive one.

These bracelets have started as a trend, and now, there looks to be no end to the artistic appeal that the designs have stunning. You can design and personalize one yourself by choosing a custom bracelet design and include it.


Are you planning a surprising gift to someone special with a beautiful memory, then go and create your own custom pendants design easily? Using custom jewelry-making tools, you can look at some simple steps that can help you design a personalized pendant for your day or event to make it more memorable.


Mostly men like to wear cufflinks which they choose according to the event and personal desire. There are many varieties to choose from.

Select from impressive custom cufflinks design to the calm and affordable brass. Whatever your choice, wear with pride, remember cufflinks were created to suit a king and are still today a symbol of wealth!

You can design and choose a great selection of shapes and make a unique pair that no one else holds. That's the magnificence of customizing your cufflinks with low prices and being able to gift your friend or someone special.  

Using our advanced technology, you can create and design one of your best idea into a custom cufflink design that brings your imagination into reality.


Designing your own custom-made necklaces is always exciting and joy-able. You get a great sense of pleasure when you take the time to design your own pendants, ornaments, necklaces, and bracelets.

There are many easy ways that you can do customize your necklace by yourself? Keep in mind that customization is a procedure that involves designing or engraving your name, word, letter or any desired symbol on a jewelry item.

Process of Custom Jewelry Manufacturing

We manufacture custom design jewelry from any metal while employing Industry 4.0 techniques in our drawing to your specifications.

Jewelry is handcrafted from precious metals and gemstones after a model is created. Computer graphics and 3-D printing have made it easier for artisan jewelry makers to create wearable art that will last a lifetime.

The method is designed to produce a desired unique style as a piece of jewelry reflects the unique and personal style of the wearer. The fresh and polished look of CAD jewelry to the artisanal loss of wax casting is an example of these manufacturing styles.

Manufacturing specialty;

  • Proficient in doing high-end fine gemstones according to your needs.
  • Multiple sampling options depending on different needs.
  • We are well experienced in avoiding most of your concerns.
  • Good to provide solutions and services that fit your corporate strategy.
  • Move fast to market trends and customer expectations.
  • Quick response, excellent communication, and efficient working process

If you're not familiar with the custom jewelry-manufacturing process, a finished ring or bracelet can appear miraculous—it appears almost impossible for a person to create something so beautiful and delicate. But it's not a miracle.

Follow our manufacturing process step by step;

1.    Quote Request

Initially, a client or customer will request a quote for their desired jewelry piece. Our expert designers will be available to understand your jewelry needs.

2.    Concept/ CAD Drawing

Based on a thorough understanding of your jewelry requirements, we will present you with a visual prototype (rendered photos) of your piece for your approval.

We use computer-aided design software in this case (or CAD). To bring an initial concept and ensure an accurate, reliable, and symmetrical three-dimensional design.

3.    CAD approval

Finally, a 3-D printer is used to create a resin model, which is then used to create a silver "master copy." Custom jewelry manufacturers use this "master copy" piece of silver jewelry to create individual rubber molds used to make multiple copies of the same jewelry design.

If an adjustment to the design is required, our experts will collaborate with you to make the necessary modifications.

4.    Approval of the final piece

We will start the manufacture of your model after final approval. Our advanced prototyping machines (3D Printers) will create a stunning 3D wax model from your design, ready for direct casting.

We trust that there are no limits to what we can achieve. If you have a different setting style in mind, don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts today, and we will do our best to assist you in bringing your idea into reality.

Visit Elmas IS Jewelry for the best CAD jewelry design services, the fastest turnaround times, and the highest quality of work you'll find anywhere.