Whats a Signet Ring | How to Choose Your Correct Signet Ring

What's a Signet Ring | How to Choose Your Correct Signet Ring

So you know what is "signet rings"? It is a wearable form of identification that has long been treasured as a family heirloom by generations of families. Because it is such a cute accessory that can be worn by both men and women, it is becoming more popular.

What is a Signet Ring?

Signet rings are typically flat oval rings with a raised or engraved design. These rings were used to sign official papers by pressing them into the wax and creating an image of the engraved design.

The “Term” signet is derived from the Latin word 'Signum,' which means sign. Using a ring to seal a document was considered official and authentic, much like signatures are today. Signet rings were expensive to create and were commonly owned by society's powerful families, making them difficult to forge, and the seal could provide authenticity.

The History of Signet Rings 

Signet rings have been used since ancient Egypt when they were etched in stone and pottery. Only the Egyptian Pharaoh wore a gold ring engraved with gods' hieroglyphics. Engravings and geometric patterns became more sophisticated as goldsmiths and craftsmen gained skill in the middle ages. In the late 19th century, most people could afford a signet ring, just worn by wealthy people.

Signet rings have become more decorative as they are no longer used to seal documents. It's all about the precious stones, bold shapes like marquise, and modern engraving styles. The classic oxford oval's most popular signet ring shape, but other Victorian-era shapes included cushion and swan. A round signet ring is now considered more fashionable than a traditional oval shape.

Signet Ring Models

When looking for a signet ring model, there is the most important factor to consider. You can look through the online collection and catalog to see what you like, or you can come in to see the rings in person. The design of a signet ring is determined by:

  • The ring’s metal.
  • The ring's shape.
  • The ring's style and sizes of gemstones.

Browse the signet ring collection to see the various models we have.

Signet Ring Shapes

The Oxford Oval is the most popular and traditional shape for a signet ring, but a rectangular ring, for example, would be better for a family crest. Using an oval to the best advantage is possible by engraving an animal on all fours on your cushion-shaped signet ring.

Signet Ring Metal

The precious metal is a matter of personal preference: do you prefer the appearance of silver or gold? If you wear a gold ring, you will be in a warm environment; if you wear a silver or white gold band, you will be in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Keep the sturdiness of the metal you choose for your ring in mind as well. Gold or white gold is the most durable metal for a signet ring that will be worn frequently or passed down through the generations. Many people prefer (white) gold over silver because of its durability and resistance to tarnishing when it comes to precious metals.

Signet Ring Style

Signet rings come in three different styles, each with a different head size and metal option. Seal engraving is compatible with all these options and can be made to fit any finger size. Additionally, the inside of the ring can be customized with text, dates, or monograms.

This is the most traditional shape, and it works best for designs that are oriented to be viewed from the top down.

  • The cushion is a Victorian favorite, a soft rectangular-shaped signet.
  • The ideal shape for landscape-oriented designs is the Landscape Oval.
  • Round, The Oxford Oval, was recreated in a softer, more contemporary style.
  • Marquise - Elegant and unique, the marquise diamond shape is a popular choice for engagement rings.

Visit our ‘size and shape' page to learn more, or go to our ‘shop' page to place an order.

Design Your Own Signet Ring

So you want to design your own signet ring? Here you can create one of your best idea into a custom design signet ring.

Allow us to convert your design into a signet ring that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We provide a comprehensive design service. We only require you to send us your own artwork, which can be as simple as an idea or rough drawing of the design you would like before placing your order.

Once we have received your artwork and it has been approved or created by our design team. We can start work on your dream signet ring! If you would like a Monogram Signet Ring. We can create a custom monogram design for you; simply let us know your design requirements.

Each of our signet rings is handmade and hallmarked before being shipped to you. Sterling silver, yellow, white, or rose gold are all options for your signet ring.

Please select the metal of your choice and the ring style and size that you desire to view the individual signet ring prices.

The standard time it takes to create a signet ring is between 2 and 5 weeks.

Let us help you make a more incredible moment with something unique.