Signet Ring Buying Guide

Signet Ring Buying Guide

Choosing between different carat weights signet rings is totally up to you; however, the higher the gold, the lower the carat weight. The more significant the proportion of gold in the alloy, the softer it becomes. Find out all about this signet rings buying guide, which explains how to wear a signet ring.

Signet Ring Buying Guide

Signet rings have a long history and are still widely used today. They've become a popular item that creates a good statement thanks to new materials and enhanced manufacturing techniques. Wearing a signet ring is tricky. What design, material, and other options do you have?

Do you know what signet rings are? Below, we explore the value of a signet ring as a status symbol, models of signet rings, and how to measure the ring size.

Who Can Wear a Signet Ring?

Historically, women did not wear signet rings. You may wonder why this happened. Sadly, women had no legal standing and were not required to sign documents. So they didn't need the signet ring.

Signet rings on the little finger have been seen on many stylish women. Pippa Middleton appointed a signet ring with the Middletons' crest after marrying into the royal family in the UK. She rarely shows her little finger without it. Many celebrities, including Kate Moss, the Pope, Princess Diana, Cara Delevigne, have worn signet rings.

Signet rings were only worn by the rich and powerful, wealthy, and noble. But this association is fading.

You may wonder:

But isn't a signet ring stuffy? It depends on your style. Pretentiousness is defined as wearing a signet ring and walking around with pride. As stated previously, these rings are no longer just for family crests and signatures.

Signet rings allow you to express yourself creatively. Signet rings are now simply pieces of jewelry worn by anyone.

Which Finger Do You Wear a Signet Ring On?

If you have a signet ring, you may be wondering which finger to put it on and how to wear it properly. Is the pinky, index, or middle finger intended?

This is probably the most puzzling signet ring-related query. This ring is traditionally worn on the pinky finger, but fashion rules are also made to be broken in men's fashion. If worn with a modern mindset, these rings can be worn on any finger depending on the person's mood, what feels most comfortable, and the occasion.

Here are a few of our ideas about the various finger designs.

·        Signet ring – pinky finger

Despite their waning popularity, signet rings hold significant historical importance. Gentlemen used to sign important documents with a signet ring on their pinky finger. A hot wax bath was used to soak the signet ring before it was put to use printing a signature.

·        Signet ring –Index and middle fingers

Signet rings were considered so powerful that they were often destructed after the wearer died. However, these signatures could also be plain symbols, letter combinations, or patterns. The signet ring shows the wearer's authority, steadfastness, and uniqueness.

Wear your signet ring on your index or middle finger, based on your outfit, mood, or the event, to embrace your individuality.

Types and Styles of Signet Ring

There is a flat bevel in the center of a signet ring where the seal is engraved. Signet rings come in a wide variety of styles these days.

 The shape of Signet Ring

There are five basic ring shapes to choose from when it comes to design. These are a few examples:

·        Round

The ring has a round bevel in this instance. Depending on your preferences, the size can be customized.

·        Oxford

This ring type is distinguished by having a square bevel with curved edges, similar to a cushion-shaped ring.

·        Straight Oval

This is most likely the most common type of signet ring, and it has a very traditional appearance to it. It is characterized by a large oval shape.

·        Bulbous Oval

This refers to the large, heavy signet rings that have a more traditional appearance to them. These have large sides and are pretty sizable.

·        Octagon

The octagon signet ring is unique in that it has eight sides and has a very geometric appearance. It's a fantastic example of modern design.

Monogram Type

A monogram is a motif composed of more than two letters artistically interconnected. Typically, people use their initials for a monogram, but you can also use letters representing something else important to you.

Many designers of customizable signet rings will create a monogram for you based on your requirements. This is a nod to culture as well as a unique expression of identity.

Design Your Own Signet Ring

Do you want to design your own signet ring? You can transform one of your best ideas into a unique signet ring.

Allow us to create a signet ring that you will cherish forever.

We offer full-service design. Your own designs or paintings can be as simple as an idea or rough drawing of the design you want before placing your order.

Once our design team has approved or created your artwork. Your dream signet ring can begin now! Want a Monogram Signet Ring? Send us your design needs, and we'll create a custom monogram for you.

Our signet rings are handmade and hallmarked before shipping. Your signet ring can be made of sterling silver, gold, or rose gold.

Select your preferred metal, ring shape, style, and size to view individual signet ring prices.

A signet ring typically takes 2 to 5 weeks to make.