Stock-Free Sales For Entrepreneurs In Marketplaces Like Etsy, Amazon and Ebay

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Are you ready to do stockless sales in e-commerce without incurring stock costs? Can't find the business model you're looking for? As Elmas İş Kuyumculuk, we have been producing personalized jewelry with 925 sterling silver, 10k and 14k since 1947.

We share our nearly a century of production experience with our entrepreneur friends who are confident in digital marketing. We offer you the opportunity to earn income by selling through international online marketplaces while sipping your coffee at home or in your office, without going through high-cost burdens like production, holding stock, operations and even product photos and videos. (etsy, amazon, ebay etc.)

Dropshipping on Marketplaces Like Etsy, Amazon & Ebay is the Business Model Everyone is Looking for

Dropshipping is the business model most wanted by the people who are willing to start a new business today. Because the cost of holding inventory not only requires a lot of money but also brings some risks. By spending your already limited capital to keep stock you can lose your finance for a growth opportunity. Of course, there is also the possibility that you may not be able to sell the stock you hold. You can create an effective and solid business model with the Lean Start-up method. According to this model, before starting a business, you measure the success of the work you intend to do with small audiences and as a result, you will obtain sales data for the relevant products. This data give you solid clues about production and stock keeping. After testing product- audience compatibility, a business model can be created and it reduces risks and provides stable growth.

As Elmas İş Kuyumculuk, we will support our entrepreneur friends who want to use the Lean Start- up model to sell without stock, with our production power. While you open your store and analyze the sales performance of the products and develop digital marketing and advertising strategies, we will take care of other factors that may distract you.

What Advantages Will I Get When I Sell Without Stock with Elmas İş?

✔ First of all, you will not enter into a burdensome and costly process such as production. Considering the fact that production is not only heavy in terms of economic and workload, but also heavy in terms of risk, you will leave this process to a team that will carry it out completely professionally. We produce not only specific products but also personalized products. Our company has serious sales experience in this regard by selling abroad (Amazon, Etsy, etc.) for nearly 20 ears. We aim to reach a larger organization by sharing this experience with you. In these marketplaces, customers can choose from product groups according to their individual wishes, as well as request custom-made rings, necklaces and bracelets, badges and brooches by sharing photos, logos and text with us. We carefully produce these special jewelry, which we produce according to individual demands, and then submit them to the customer for approval and ship them. Later, you can increase the number of your products as your sale experience increases.

STEP 1 List 100 products
STEP 2 Photo and video support on products
STEP 3 Preparing mockups for customer approval in your orders
STEP 4 After customer approval, we ship the product (fedex, ups, etc.)

✔ You will currently sell up to 100 customizable products. More customizable products are preferred on sites such as Etsy, Amazon and Ebay. That's why only manufacturers can make these sales. You too can be among these advantageous sellers by working with us.

✔ You will not have any problems in obtaining product photos and product videos. Our graphic design team works on photographs to make product images most eye-catching. We will prepare special images and videos for you that no one else has used before, so you will have a unique store by listing your products with different photos from other sellers.

We will also provide photo support so that you can send a photo of the produced product to the customer when you receive an order. In this way, you will be able to get approval from your customers.

✔ We will undertake the shipping and operation process. We work with internationally renowned cargo companies that we have been working with for years and that offer us affordable cargo prices. You will be able to benefit from the advantages offered by these companies. (fedex, ups etc.)

How Can I Get Started?

✔ First of all, you need to apply to us. We will give you detailed information about the dealership advantage you will gain during the application process. We will also share with you our experience on how to sell in such marketplaces and what to pay attention to.

✔ In addition to the initial information you receive from us and your knowledge of digital marketing, your ambition and hard work what will elevate you. The fact that you are not dealing with the product information, product photos and product videos you need, especially at the beginning, is an important advantage that will give you momentum.

✔ Once you open your store and add products, you can now start selling. Focus on increasing sales and building good relationships with customers while we handle the hard part!

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